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  • Which floor heating pipe is better? How to make a purchase selection? Poly PEX Fittings is a product widely used in the floor heating industry, and the use of floor heating pipes can ensure good insulation, construction and permanent durability. It is also suitable for use in building connections and underfloor heating piping systems. Which floor heating pipe is better? Which product should we trust? Let us introduce to you.

    In fact, there are many types of floor heating pipes, such as pe-x pipes, which have good low-temperature toughness and strong stress cracking resistance, but they have no thermoplastic properties. Another example is PE-RT floor heating pipe, which has low temperature toughness, high temperature resistance, and stress crack resistance, and its material is moderately priced and cost-effective. It is also a common pipe often used in floor heating projects.
    For the PB pipe among the floor heating pipes, it has the characteristics of pressure resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature performance, good impact resistance, and its use range is also very wide. For PP-R pipe, its non-toxic and hygienic is also an ideal pipe material for domestic hot water and radiator system. At the same time, the product has good mechanical properties and connection performance characteristics, so it is very popular with consumers.

    Which is better for Plastic PEX Manifolds? How to make a purchase choice, I believe that through our introduction, you are already more familiar with this. If you want to learn more, you can contact us, and we will also serve you 24 hours a day.

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