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The elevator is an essential and important facility in the hotel by Web star
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Basic Information:
  • The hotel elevator is an indispensable important facility in the hotel. How to make the elevator into a hotel feature and provide customers with a better service experience? Let Webstar Elevator, who has rich experience in hotel design, answer for you.

    The elevator hall and the selected elevator products also prominently reflect the scale, class and style of the hotel. There are three types of elevators used in the hotel: passenger elevator, service elevator (also used as freight elevator) and fire elevator.

    1. The number of passenger elevators depends on the overall layout of the hotel. The decentralized layout requires more elevators than the centralized layout. There are undoubtedly more elevators for several guest rooms and independently arranged restaurants and conference halls; while a high-rise hotel building has many floors and a large area, often one set of elevators can serve it. In hotel design, one passenger elevator is usually configured for every 100 rooms.

    Selection of passenger elevator speed: Usually the hotel is built below 12 floors, the speed of passenger elevators is 1.75~2.5m/s, and the minimum speed is 3m/s above 12 floors, and 4m/s, 5m/s, or 4m/s for high-rise super high-rise buildings. Higher speed.

    Escalators: When the hotel's banquet halls, multi-function halls, conference halls and large restaurants are not on the lobby level, and passenger cars cannot reach them directly, escalators should be installed to ensure the efficiency of large passenger flow. At this time, the escalator generally adopts a width of 900mm and a speed of 0.5m/s.

    2. Service elevator

    The hotel’s service elevators are arranged in the employee’s work area, close to the service channels, and are mainly used for employee floor transportation, linen transportation, kitchen semi-finished products and food transportation, furniture transportation, conference exhibit transportation and other functional purposes, as well as elevators dedicated to dirt. It often has a lot to do with the layout of the hotel's logistics service area, and the purpose is to meet the needs of convenient and fast service with a small number of service elevators.

    At least one service elevator must be installed on the standard floor of each guest room, and two service elevators should be appropriately added when the total number of guest rooms exceeds 250.

    3. Fire-fighting elevators. High-rise hotel buildings must be equipped with fire-fighting elevators in accordance with the requirements of fire-fighting regulations. When the floor area exceeds 1500 square meters, two or more fire-fighting elevators must be arranged; the fire-fighting elevator can be used as a passenger elevator or a service elevator, but must Meet the requirements of fire elevators.

    From this point of view, hotel elevator design is also a science. Hotel elevators not only reflect the scale and grade of the hotel, as well as the business philosophy. If you do not care about elevator design, you will inevitably lose some high-end guests.

    If you want to know more elevator information, you can click on the link below: passenger elevator factory.

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