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Introduction To Pex Fittings Wholesale Cleaning by zheng ppsu
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Basic Information:
  • The traditional F1960 Fittings cleaning method is to use high-pressure water flushing. Although this method is relatively simple and convenient, it is difficult to thoroughly clean the dirt that adheres to the inner wall of the pipe due to incomplete cleaning.

    1. Open the floor heating hot water inlet pipe;

    2. Pour a bottle of floor heating cleaning solution (300g) into the hot water inlet pipe diluted 1:10-50;

    3. Make sure that the floor heating pipe is full of water, close the cold water valve, and start the circulating pump for 30 minutes;

    4. Open the cold water valve and drain the dirty water;

    5. PEX Fittings Wholesale flush the floor heating pipe with clean water until clean water flows out from the outlet pipe, and the cleaning work is completed.

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