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How To Debug Pex Expansion Fittings by zheng ppsu
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  • With the improvement of people’s living standards, we now attach great importance to interior decoration. In order to provide residents with a more comfortable environment, many cities are equipped with underfloor heating. Everyone also attaches great importance to underfloor heating. What are the issues that need attention? Let us follow the manufacturer of Expansion PEX Plug to find out.

      According to a number of surveys, setting the floor heating temperature between 18 and 23 degrees is comfortable for the human body, and it is also a relatively economical heating temperature in terms of cost. Therefore, 18 degrees of floor heating is normal, so don't worry.

       What should I pay attention to when installing floor heating? Floor heating installation is generally synchronized with the decoration of your home. When you start the decoration, you can install floor heating. Floor heating has two phases: the early stage and the late stage. The early stage is when the renovation is just started. After the water and electricity are used, the water distribution device and the laying of pipes are started.

       1. Floor heating paving details are very important. The layout of underfloor heating pipes is more complicated. It is necessary to calculate the spacing and laying shape. If the pipes are unbalanced, there will be local heatlessness. It is also necessary to pay attention to the choice of insulation materials. If the insulation materials are not good, they will radiate heat downstairs, which will affect the comfort experience and may cause the release of harmful substances.

      2, concrete filling. A structural layer used to protect floor heating pipes and make the ground temperature uniform. Generally it is fine stone concrete, the diameter of the stone particles should not be greater than 1cm, and the volume ratio of cement mortar should not be less than 1:3. The concrete pouring height is 4cm, and it needs to be leveled manually. Shakers are not available.

      3, PEX Expansion Fittings need to be debugged after completion. This must be remembered. After the wall-hung boiler is installed, the floor heating must be debugged. The operation of the floor heating system that has not been debugged is strictly prohibited. Debug the entire system under the condition that all water sources, power sources, and hot water return are in place. You must also be present to supervise during the debugging, and you can sign after the debugging is completed without errors.

       4. The ground cannot be punched. When decorating, be careful not to drill holes or nails on the ground, so as not to leak the floor heating coil and cause water leakage; after the decoration is completed, it is strictly forbidden to punch or nail the floor. If you accidentally pierce the floor heating pipe, it will be very difficult to solve. trouble.

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