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Attention to the use of disposable protective masks by Gel King
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Basic Information:
  • Masks act as a filter barrier to protect our respiratory system and can effectively prevent infectious diseases. It is necessary to choose a mask reasonably and wear it correctly.

    At present, the masks on the market are mainly divided into three categories. One is cotton masks with lower filtration efficiency; the other is disposable medical masks with higher filtration efficiency and non-woven fabric; the other is protective masks with higher filtration efficiency.

    Medical protective masks are commonly referred to as N95 masks. The filtration efficiency of medical protective masks for non-oily 0.3μm particles is greater than 95%. Medical protective masks have a good fit with the wearer’s face, and can filter particles in the air and block flying. Contaminants such as foam, blood, body fluids, secretions, etc., have a filtration efficiency of more than 95% for non-oily particles, and are commonly used personal protective equipment for airborne diseases.

    The protection is high, and the breathability and moisture absorption of the mask also become worse, which means that the comfort of wearing it is reduced, and the wearing time cannot be too long.

    For the general public who are not high-risk occupational groups, it is not necessary to wear N95 masks to prevent new coronavirus pneumonia. Medical surgical masks can also block most of the viruses stuck to the droplets from entering the respiratory tract.

    If the mask is not worn correctly, the effect will be greatly reduced.

    1. Wash your hands before wearing a mask.

    2. When wearing a disposable medical mask, fully unfold the folded face, completely wrap the mouth, nose, and chin, and then press the nose clip to make the mask fit the face completely. Also note that disposable masks are divided into inside and outside. The light-colored surface has moisture absorption function. It should be close to the nose and mouth, and the dark-colored surface should face out. To detect whether the mask fits tightly with your face, the method is very simple. Take a deep breath, and then quickly blow a few breaths, you can find whether your nose and mouth are leaking.

    3. After wearing the mask, try not to touch the mask. If you must touch, remember to wash your hands before and after touching.

    4. When removing the mask, try not to touch the outside of the mask. Remember to wash your hands immediately after removing the mask.

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