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For boots possess some Dragon Boots by Kingang
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  • This whole installation will cost RS gold you roughly 2-2.5M, also is an superb overall installation for slaying. Remember to also use some of that money to purchase super collections (Super Strength/Attack/Defence potions) that you ought to use on ALL your slayer tasks. It may look as if you're spending a good deal at first but it speeds up your tasks noticeably and is well worthwhile, and you will be profiting from the slayer drops / hint scrolls anyway.

    Like they said above, fighter torso is the thing to do, and you may use it if you were to receive it. For those legs, personally I enjoy Verac's skirt for its own prayer bonus (and manliness). Even if you don't beg for your whole task, you might too use up your foundation prayer points on like superhuman strength (+10% strength for the first part of your task is pretty nice), along with the prayer bonus only makes it go that Buy old school runescape gold much further.

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