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Rocket League launched final month on PlayStation by worldofwarcraft lee
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  • Rocket League's first foremost put up-launch Rocket League Trading patch changed into released ultimate week, fixing some of nagging troubles and punishing quitters in ranked video games. Meanwhile, Psyonix has discovered the sport is headed to other platforms.

    Rocket League launched final month on PlayStation 4 and PC, and it speedy became very famous. It has already exceeded five million downloads, and, at times, it has had over a hundred,000 concurrent gamers. Now, it appears that Rocket League is coming to greater platforms.

    In an interview with GameZone, VP of marketing Jeremy Dunham said that developer Psyonix is truely searching into porting the sport to LOLGA different systems. The game's achievement made it an smooth preference to bring it someplace else. "Now that the game is doing as nicely as it's doing and people really need to look [it on different systems], we've centered on [porting the game]," Dunham explained. "We're now in a role that we can expand our team. We are surely, one hundred percentage going to different systems."

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