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Basic Information:
  • Stellite Alloy is also more resistant to the abrasive acids found in some woods like red cedar, so stellite saw tips and it is very good at cutting woods ..

    This allows the tips to stay sharp longer than carbide tips and significantly longer than swaged saw steel when cutting unseasoned woods.

    Applicationof Stellite Alloy:

    Welding on Circular saw and Band saws teeth to cut woods

    Advantages of Stellite 12 Saw tips

    The Stellite Tipped saws, have a tip welded directly to the saw tooth. After all of the teeth have been profile ground, the saw then goes to a side grinding machine to grind the sides of the tips to specific relief angles and kerf size depending upon the given cutting application for the saw.

    Stellite Saw Tips have shown to be able to:

    •Increase run times.

    •Cut with thinner kerf.

    •Produce a smoother sawn surface.

    •Reduce sawing variations - Better cutting accuracy. (allowing for tighter target sizes)

    •Reduce the power consumption during cutting.

    •Reduce the cutting downtime for saw changes and saw maintenance.

    •Increased saw life due to the ability to achieve more sharpenings and at longer intervals.

    If you are interested in using Stellite or any other type of metal for your next project, contact us! we has the infrastructure and facilities to supply different kinds of Stellite Alloy 3 at a competitive price and delivered just-in-time

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