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My boyfriend of 4 years popped the question by Wei weismart
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  • Omfg I clicked on the notification of the article and was going to post something similar. Cracking up in my ugly laugh that your remark was the Animal Crossing Items first I saw. Anyways y’all desire na adopt me? 30 and challenging working but like to play AC on my down time

    Would love to visit if/when you are open and deliver some gifts from my kiddo to yours!I built a queen size murphy bed in the room. It is only folded up right now.A couple balloons from JoAnn Fabrics and a few of balloons from Amazon, along with a few empty TV boxes found via Facebook.This is quite possibly THE coolest thing I've ever noticed a parent perform. What a fantastic way to spend time together as a family and create memories that will last forever! I wish I had thought of something like that and had the creativity to pull it off!

    It was our effort at a river. You will find magnetic fish and fishing poles too.I hope your family just talks to every other in the creature crossing"bleeble bleeble leelblele," talk when they are interacting with each other in-front of this setup.I'm a grown woman, but cany'all embrace me? I hope I deliver this much joy and imagination to parenting!

    We just bought a second change with animal crossing so we can play more of us together. Absolutely worth it!Can you reside on precisely the same island and play both switches, or do you need to fly back and forth?

    We do not take it too badly. We do not permit a lot of screen time and they diversify their time among tv, games, and tablet time, when they really do reach. How can you manage the siblings fighting? Do you perform as the main character?

    I recall when AC came out on GameCube, I had a lot of fun as a kid! I'm so happy it has expanded and become such a gem

    My boyfriend of 4 years popped the question - Animal Crossing style!I hope you're ready to incorporate AC into a number of your wedding decorations and celebration! Congrats to you both

    How did it happen? Did he place it out like this and you open the box? Or did he hand you items one by one? I wish my boyfriend could consider something similar to this, especially knowing how much I really love animal crossing. Congratulations and best of luck!

    I would shit my pants and bawl on the floor yelling in case my bf did this for me. He's a keeper.This is so fucking wholesome and amazing. I wish you nothing but the finest

    That's really cute! I wish we could have had a closer look at all those cards! What would they say? Also is there anything on the back of Cheap Nook Miles Ticket this acorn card?his ought to be a reddit top fad!! Amazing that Animal Crossing can bring love together

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