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The Problem Of Pex Cold Expansion Fittings Laying by zheng ppsu
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Basic Information:
  • 1. For PEX Cold Expansion Fittings, use marble, floor tiles or floors as much as possible. If you choose wood flooring, you can only use composite flooring, not solid wood flooring. The wooden floor should have good thermal stability and low water content, so that the floor will not be easily deformed after being heated; the floor size should be thin but not thick, narrow but not wide, in order to meet the requirements of resistance to deformation and conduction; the underlayment layer should not be too thick, To facilitate heat exchange and conduction. Be sure to choose a floor with a small release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde to prevent the floor from releasing more pollutants due to baking and endangering your health.

    2. Try not to make large-area decorations (such as carpets, etc.) on the floor. Do not install legless furniture, so as not to reduce the effective heat dissipation area and the flow of hot air will weaken the thermal effect.

    3. No ordinary foam and plastic products are placed on the floor. Because these items have poor thermal conductivity, they are easy to cause heat accumulation, and are prone to produce harmful gases under the action of long-term high temperature, which endanger the health of residents.

    4. Turn on the floor heating system to slowly heat up. Don't do it too hastily, it's best to increase the temperature by 1°C an hour. Keep the floor clean and dry before heating up to prevent cracking and distortion of the floor due to excessive heating.

    5. Don't hit, knock on the ground or hit any sharp objects on the ground. The floor heating pipes laid under the ground are only about 3-4cm away from the floor surface, and the floor heating pipes are easily damaged if you are not careful.

    6. The temperature of the water supply should not be too high. Since the floor heating system is a low-temperature radiant heating method, the temperature of the water supply should not exceed 60°C, and the working pressure of the heating system should not be high. Otherwise, it will not only cause uncomfortable heating problems, but also seriously reduce the service life of the entire system. In this regard, consumers can also choose some automatic control devices, such as water temperature automatic control unit, which limits the inlet water temperature to no more than 55°C. If the water temperature reaches 55°C, the valve is automatically closed and the hot water is cut off.

    7. After the floor is installed, it is best to do environmental protection acceptance. Since the floor used as a floor heating system is a composite floor, it has the problem of formaldehyde emission, and when it is used as a geothermal floor, after heating, the release of formaldehyde is even more aggravated. Therefore, after the geothermal heating floor is installed, it must be environmentally friendly and accepted to ensure that the amount of free formaldehyde released meets the standard requirements. Don't buy cheap goods that are not environmentally friendly at high prices, otherwise there will be endless troubles!

    8. Choose professional brands and products with excellent performance. Choose a professional, powerful and regular company, and don't be greedy to find small vendors and mobile vendors on the cheap. PEX Expansion Fittings industry is known as "three-point product, seven-point installation". Floor heating is a system engineering. From scheme design, product selection, construction and installation to after-sales service, professional personnel are required to design and operate. If there is a problem in a certain link, the maintenance will be very difficult, and the project will be arduous and complicated. It may even affect the normal use of the entire heating system or greatly reduce the service life of the entire system. Not only that, but it will also be buried in the later use. The hidden danger of large-scale system energy consumption and increased use cost.

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