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Rather than feeling sensitive about a perceived by Wei weismart
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  • Rather than feeling sensitive about a perceived conclusion about Animal Crossing Items time traveling it could just be a simple"hey this is against the rules, see sidebar".

    (Edit: it is fine to downvote this if you're an avid TTer and don't want to mark spoilers or something. Just trying to provide another perspective in this thread that's asking for comments )

    The things which make my own Reddit feed and top the list on hot following the tacky are varied on topic so that I wouldn't say there's an issue with shared occurrences that community upvoting and downvoting does not already solve.

    I usually think spoiler tags are silly, but you would need to go further than just time travel if you really wanted to prevent spoiling things people haven't seen yet. All from present season content will require a tag weather it is an old picture from the image library or a new picture from time traveling will reveal new gamers thing they haven't already seen. Plus things like the hottest direct video clips would require tagging because it shows new content before anyone gets an opportunity to see it in-game.

    I really don't find any problem with memorials. I think remembering your loved ones is amazing and shouldn't be judged as something dark or scary.

    I really don't think spoiler tags for content that's been in the sport since launch is fair. When the game is out its out. Anything found in the sport after that's fair for seeing. As far as New Horizons go, how will spoilers for articles even work when there are two hemispheres and several time zones? When items and events turn into naturally available in a special timezone beyond the US, should that person be downvoted for what's rightfully readily available to them? Northern players for example spoiled things annually for southern hemisphere players rather than a word was mentioned about it. Southern hemisphere gamers had been admonished all summer since we obviously had snow. Nevertheless few whined about all of the summertime things that northern hemisphere gamers could show off. How is that fair?

    Then there's the issue of determining what's new? How long could we need to use spoilers? When exactly does new content prevent being'new' and for cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells whom? But we'd be required to use spoiler tags while northern hemisphere players wouldn't.

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