Introduction To The Use Of Poly Pex Fittings by zheng ppsu
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Basic Information:
  • With the rapid economic development, the housing industry has also risen, and the investment in urban infrastructure construction has been increasing. The application range of Poly PEX Fittings is extremely wide. It has good chemical stability. When the ppr tube is facing Corrosion and irritating environment, or the face of more permeable materials can ensure its overall stability. This feature makes the ppr tube widely used in the chemical industry, more applications in the construction of the discharge and transportation of chemical products, and its service life is relatively long.

    There is a professional name for ppr pipes as ppr hot and cold water pipes. Generally speaking, there is a big difference between cold water pipes and hot water pipes in the process of procurement and actual application. There is a blue line on the cold water pipe of the ppr pipe. The cold water pipe is mainly used in the cold water system of the building. The ambient temperature is relatively good, and the thickness of the cold water pipe is relatively thin, so it cannot be used as a hot water pipe. The red line on the ppr hot water pipe indicates that the hot water pipe is universal for cold and hot water, and the pipe is thicker, for example, the same 20 caliber, the hot water pipe starts from 20*2.8mm, and now with the continuous improvement of engineering requirements , PPR hot water pipe is usually used as the main pipe of house water supply pipe in actual project.

    There is a difference between hot and cold water pipes.

    1. The key to the difference between hot and cold water pipes lies in their pressure resistance. Cold water pipes can withstand a pressure of 1.25 or 1.6 MPa, and hot water pipes can withstand a pressure of 2.0 or 2.5 MPa. The pressure resistance of hot water pipes is higher than that of cold water pipes. better.

    2. The appearance is different. There is a red line on the hot water pipe and a blue line on the cold water pipe to distinguish them.

    3. The thickness of Plastic PEX Manifolds pipes is different. The wall of cold water pipes is slightly thinner than that of hot water pipes.

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