Little Knowledge Of Pex Crimp Fitting by zheng ppsu
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  • Home improvement PEX Crimp Fitting tips, in life, when a house is idle for a long time and the water pipes are not in use, all the water in it needs to be emptied.

    1. When it is cold, there is water in the ppr tube, which is very easy to freeze and crack. In the cold winter, the water pipe is not used for a long time, and the water in the pipe is easy to freeze when it is still, causing the water pipe to shrink under the cold, and it is easy to break if no insulation measures are taken.

    2. Prevent water pipes from hiding dirt. If the water pipe is not used for a long time, at the opening (such as a faucet), debris, dust, lint and other debris will fall after a period of time, which becomes a breeding ground for various bacteria.

    3. Prevent the breeding of bacteria. If the water pipe is not used for a long time, the water in the pipe will become stagnant water. The power of stagnant water is great. Fish and shrimp and other aerobic organisms cannot survive in stagnant water, but they provide good living conditions for some microorganisms and bacteria.

    4. Prevent aging of water pipes. The water in the water pipe will gradually oxidize and deteriorate, corroding the water pipe, and the bacteria in the water will even use the water pipe as food, and the water pipe will age very quickly.

    It can be seen that if the pipes in the home are not used for a long time, all the water inside needs to be emptied to make the PEX Expansion Fittings have a longer service life.

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