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Basic Information:
  • The warm, heated floor exudes a comfortable atmosphere. Using the floor as a heat accumulator, radiant floor heating provides uniform temperature throughout the room without changes and forced airflow.

    The two most common ways to heat the floor of PEX Expansion Fittings are to use electric heating coils or to use water heating pipes under the floor. In both cases, it will generate radiant heat to heat everything they touch and spread it evenly from the floor in the room.

    Installing radiant heating systems is usually more expensive than traditional electric or stove type viagradiscountstore systems. However, it will prove to be a more energy-efficient system, and users can expect energy savings of up to 20% compared to traditional systems.

    High-end residential and commercial buildings usually use radiant heating systems. For example, in public places, the radiant heating of the concrete floor allows the audience to keep their feet warm without having to heat the entire building, and has a general sense of comfort. Radiant heating is quite operational.

    Radiant heating floor

    Advantages of radiant floor heating system

    1. Since the airflow is negligible, the radiant heating floor has less heat loss due to airflow and door opening, which helps to reduce heating costs.

    2. Indoor air circulates naturally to maintain natural humidity and increase comfort

    3. Floor radiant heating provides an excellent solution for allergy-prone people who are difficult to live in a forced air heating environment. It helps reduce suspended dust.

    4. Radiant floor heating system is installed on the floor or below. They emit heat evenly and comfortably. The PEX pipe warms the floor and the heat outside the room rises. The distribution of the heat curve in the room improves comfort by making the feet warmer (usually 75 degrees Fahrenheit), while the ambient air is kept cool, helping the body to stay mentally active (usually 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit).

    5. Under normal circumstances, when using a radiant floor heating system, the thermostat is set at a lower temperature. The temperature of the water used to heat the floor is lower than that of a traditional radiator. Radiant systems can significantly save utility costs: they are very energy efficient. The expected savings of this system varies from 20% to 50% of traditional heating costs.

    6. The life of the radiant heating system can reach 45 years, which is 2 to 3 times longer than the traditional heating furnace. It also helps maintain the market value of the house.

    7. PEX Crimp Fitting manufacturers aesthetic value: because all components are hidden; no floor heater, radiator, ventilation grille are used.


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