The Performance Of Pex Crimp Fitting Manufacturers by zheng ppsu
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Basic Information:
  • 1. Does PEX Expansion Fittings have excellent flexibility characteristics?

    The flexibility of polyethylene allows polyethylene pipes to be coiled and supplied in longer lengths without the need for various connecting pipe fittings. Used for trenchless construction, the direction of the polyethylene pipe can be easily changed according to the requirements of the construction method, and the original size and dimensions can be restored after the construction.

       2. How to understand that PE pipe has a good ability to resist scratches?

    Scratches cause stress concentration in the material and cause damage to the pipeline. When using trenchless technology, whether it is laying new pipes or replacing old pipes, scratches are more difficult to avoid. Research in recent years has proved that PE80 grade polyethylene pipe has better resistance to slow crack growth and scratch resistance, and PE100 polyethylene pipe has better resistance to scratches. Therefore, polyethylene pipes are widely used in trenchless construction.

    3. PE pipe has the characteristics of good resistance to rapid crack transmission?


    The rapid cracking of pipes of PEX Crimp Fitting manufacturers is an accidental accident. The cracks grow rapidly at a certain speed, causing tens of meters or even thousands of meters of pipes to rupture in an instant, and the resulting consequences are disastrous. As early as the 1950s, several rapid cracking accidents occurred in American gas pipelines. In actual use, no rapid cracking of the polyethylene gas pipe has been found. In recent years, a large number of studies have been conducted on the rapid cracking of pipelines internationally, and the results show that the ability of polyethylene pipes to resist the rapid propagation of cracks is among the best.

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