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Pex Expansion Fittings Energy Saving by zheng ppsu
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Basic Information:
  • The state has issued an action plan as early as June 2018, encouraging the arrangement of heating and heating tasks in accordance with the principle of “selecting heating sources according to local conditions, ensuring clean heating energy supply, and achieving ultra-high energy efficiency and ultra-low emissions”. In August of the same year, it was proposed that “starting from reality, taking multiple measures, such as suitable electricity and electricity, and gas and gas, etc., will move towards a clean, high-efficiency, low-carbon sustainable development path”. With the upgrading of climate and environmental requirements, my country has put forward more energy-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly requirements for heating facilities. Energy-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly heating facilities recommend PEX Expansion Fittings to you:

    1. Polyurethane insulation pipes have obvious energy-saving effects. Realizing energy-saving and emission reduction and promoting green development are the embodiment of the company's social responsibility. With scientific and technological innovation as the starting point, it will continue to explore the road to sustainable development.

    2. Use polyurethane heat preservation pipes for heat supply, with good heat preservation performance and low heat loss, realizing high-efficiency and long-distance heat source transportation, ensuring high-efficiency heat supply for urban residents, and everyone can live a comfortable and warm life.

    3. PEX Crimp Fitting manufacturers use polyurethane insulation pipes to maintain a low-carbon and environmentally friendly life, achieve energy saving and emission reduction, and a healthy lifestyle for residents.

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