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Also, I implore you to leadin opposition to this conduct by Wei weismart
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  • Somebody was actually yelling at people that aion classic kinah they observed going into and out of SR. This is the most inhumane way of doing this but I have an impression that this company is not able to log any data in the sense that it is apparent therefore it's a manual procedure of monitoring the situation in real-time.

    Also, I implore you to leadin opposition to this conduct and remove this player to stand up against this, and ban him from your legion. Furthermore, this player must be removed from the Asmodian faction. This type of aggressive cheating is a threat to Aion but it can be stopped if the team takes the proper steps to ensure there are consequences for not just NCsoft but also from the community too.

    This is most clearly illustrated by Trump's call for COVID "The China Virus" as well as the subsequent rise of hate crimes against Asians. Of course, COVID began to spread in China, China has the most populous population of any nation in the world. The virus also got really horribly in India which happens be the second most of the world's population yet was quickly eliminated in New Zealand. Have you noticed a trend?

    Then, flash forward to the week after this storm. In most cases, they're not having enough players to stand up to them. The Elyos are at their level cap, while asmos had two to three times the 50s during the first few weeks.

    Let me tell you, NC once told me that you were not cheating, and therefore you're now unbanned. I'm sure they'll do it because I don't cheat. If I did, my best character wouldn't be level 30. For goodness sake.

    They are not knowing what you're doing, since Aion has not offered an anti-cheat program. This is because it wasn't able to recognize the clients in the past. It is possible to have every hack in the world running and it's active insofar as you don't utilize it in front of anyone or the gm, they will not find it.

    My account was reportedly suspended for apparently suspicious activities. I don't utilize any third-party software or programs similar to. In fact, I use my skills , not using macros or keyboard bindings. This game was first released in 2009 on the same account. This issue has never been mentioned. SteelRake was where I was playing with an LFG group doing our Snow and Hairpin quests. I was then removed from the game and not able to log in again due to the ban. Scratching my head over here like wtf just euro aion classic buy kinah happened, I was not in violation of any of the terms of service. This is absurd if this is the way NCSOFT treat its customers paying for services We are treated like criminals, with no due process or any actual evidence.

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