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Retail has been transformed into a completely by Wei weismart
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  • Retail has been transformed into a completely new game. The games you played as a kid is still there and I don't recommend it. I've discussed the aion classic kinah buying main distinctions in my post history if you're interested in what has changed or happened.

    Classic is an excellent choice however there only two servers, so they're still balancing. Siel is much more pop-oriented, asmodian-heavy and they have the majority of the deep abyss. This means it is hard to harvest AP at times.

    Israphel has an elongated pop, and is more heavy on elyos. They hold around 50% of the abyss, while the other 50% divided between balaur and asmo, and balaur, making it much easier to collect AP. NA But I only am a player during EU times. While it may be quite quiet however, I've never encountered any trouble getting groups.

    Tbh, Israphel is kinda dead. Although it's easier to farm AP there , due to forts being more crowded yet you'll find the same 5-6 players nolifing continuously farming the guards making it difficult to farm AP at lvl 45+.

    This is the reason I'm working to get life back into the place. At the very minimum, there are forts you can take or lose. All I've read about Siel is that the asmos have an iron grip, and will not even let any go to recount later.

    As if that weren't enough proof, there have been cases that people were banned for falsely flagging because they submitted multiple repeats in a single run. NCSoft should not be able to ban certain people only to ban all others.

    This is the only thing you have to be honest about. What are additional rewards which players get when they revisit an open world? This quest is repeatable and what individuals do. They enter to kill mobs, then collect quest items. Then they leave the area by using one of the exits. After turning it in after which they take on the next repeatable, and then enter .... again within the same game. Are the mobs who were killed? They're dead and gone. They aren't going to respawn which means that no loot is possible. This practice has been used for a long time, but recently, it's no longer allowed. It's absurd! This is ridiculous.

    It's true, it's real, people like myself have been exiled because they only do the repeated hand-ins to the quest. Simply put. You're extremely fortunate to not have been banned. They are doing it by hand and you didn't get caught out. Kibbelz already admitted there is no automation in the ban. Someone from NCSHiT is seriously screwing up in buy aion classic kinah a big way and you're right here to defend the NCSHiT. smh

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