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  • Nowadays, the scrubber of High Pressure Plunger Pumps Manufacturers is a relatively common equipment in the field of cleaning and environmental protection, and more and more users choose to use it to complete the cleaning work. Especially the hand-push scrubber, which is convenient and simple to operate, is very popular among users. So how should the hand push type be used when cleaning the welcome floor?

    1. Clean up the garbage

    Clean the epoxy floor, especially the larger garbage, which will affect the washing effect, so it needs to be cleaned up in time.

    2. Inject clean water

    According to the cleaning area, inject an appropriate amount of clean water into the clean water tank of the washing machine, and add an appropriate amount of industrial low-foam cleaning agent according to the degree of floor oil pollution, and an appropriate amount of defoamer if necessary.

    How to clean the epoxy floor correctly with the hand-push scrubber?
    3. Turn on the switch

    Put down the brush plate, unscrew the key, turn on the brush plate and the water suction switch, and adjust the water volume appropriately.

    4. Clean at a constant speed

    At this time, you can push the scrubber to clean the epoxy floor at a uniform speed.

    5. Turn off the switch

    After the work is completed, turn off the brush switch, lift it up, and then turn off the suction switch, and then turn off the key switch.

    6. Rinse with water

    Push the floor scrubber of China Pressure Washer Hoses For Sale to a safe area, drain the sewage, drain the clean water and rinse.

    7, dry and place


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