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Apart from the weapons and the boots it's not used much by Wei weismart
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  • Apart from the weapons and the boots it's not used RS gold much because Jagex took so long to make it available (and have they made it all?). Barrows has made better armors and Bandos gear is now available that won't be worn down. Making Dragon smithable would raise the amount, thereby decreasing the cost and making it more popular.

    Initially, I assumed that there wasn't any need to expand this, as all of the major Rangeing armor fits perfectly and we don't require additional D'hide items. Then I realized that I had something missing: Magic. Crafting is an art that can be utilized to make Magic costumes for both Stealing Creation and Dungeoneering. At present, we are able to craft Battlestaves, which are basically useless as weapons. Magic could use some new armor.

    To create Magic work in the Combat Triangle, it would be necessary to include melee defense. Arcane Spirit Shield (the only item of Magic Armor offering defense) is the only one. There are many other options such as Ahrim's Robes Lunar Armor, Splitbark, and Skeletal. But they are all of a low quality. Although I am aware that the base Mage armor consists of robes, it is not limited to the robes. There are also the mystical costumes.

    A mage could surely alter his clothing to stop melee attacks. Bind spells are able to prevent the person from moving. This can also stop the weapon from cutting. If Crafting were expanded upwards, perhaps at higher levels, you could create special Mage robes, and then use them to enchant via Runecrafting or Magic.

    Jagex does not have any other skills that could be added to justify increasing the level to 120. But I can't think of any reason why Jagex would be able to. It is possible to unlock items in the 90s. If they want to add Mithril Dragons to your POH, a more extensive inventory and let you withdraw them quicker or even a telescope which explains more about Shooting Stars they may raise the cap.

    I'm fairly certain that this will not get raised, as Extreme Potions are true to their name, and we don't need anything stronger. They could add Saradomin Elixir which is Saradomin beer and another ingredient. It doesn't affect stats and heals more than Saradomin brew.

    There's no need to raise funds, because there isn't anything to pay for it. Oh boy. I can forgive, and maybe if I am amazed, I should applaud Jagex for raising Constitution, Prayer, and Summoning to 120 in order to include new content, but melee is strong enough, and if they raise Magic or Rangeing they'll have to do cheap RuneScape gold melee too. What are your thoughts guys? Jagex should increase the limit for other abilities. Should they?

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