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The main issue I'm having is that I'm unable to play by Wei weismart
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  • There are additional benefits to bringing. Personally, I am at WOW TBC Gold peace and would not be concerned if you had 500-600 DPS in a group with me. Just pointing out the big advantage of not tanking.

    The main issue I'm having is that I'm unable to play my full turn for certain mobs, because the hunter/mage/lock are taking everything out. .... Raids boast a significantly higher overall dps - not so high as pure DPS but it is lower than Dungeons.

    It's not unusual, you don't challenge AOE that I'm sure you've heard. Additionally, everyone nowadays compares everything to the highest parseing circle jerk out there which is why it's not a big deal. It is possible to do excellent DPS on bosses as well as switch to DPS more effectively than the other tanks. People speak exclusively Parse and BiS in the mainline currently. They take 10 more seconds to tackle a fight that was caused by the utility.

    If the feral refuses to ever bear (which is beautiful troll too) they still have crit buff, innervate or ff even without a boomie, or mangle debuff for those with bleeding, brez and can do the same damage as rogue. Rogue is only beneficial if they're A- the only one on raid and also have a decent IEA uptime.

    Guild needs me as Boomkin currently and into the foreseeable future, so I'm working on putting together my Boomie set (was focused on Resto prior and this set was a LOT closer to what I was hoping to get it). What I have is a combination of heroic drops, raid discards, and reputation purchases. This is something I'm constantly feeling when it comes to H SP. The other groups are "EYE RESERVED". Yes, I realize that I'm late but it's not likely that I'll ever make it there at this pace.

    When you reach the level 70, you'll gain the glaives. You can then go through many repetitive daily quests/dungeons/battlegrounds along with weekly Kara runs to increase the strength of your warglaives as time goes on. When BT launches, a catch-up mechanic is added which tracks all players' progress up to the level at which you've ground the entire expansion.

    the Horseman's Steed was also a part of that. However, it wasn't available for Halloween, it was a very scarce release. The Horseman's Steed is my favorite since I'm not a fan the Horse with Wings models. The Legion Paladin charger is one of the only horse-like mounts that does not use the Winged Horse model (the Wind Steed is another option but may not match the aesthetics that you're hoping for)).

    It's because you didn't take any action to earn them during the game. It is possible to get the top mount in the game with a credit card, or invest a few hundred hours of your life working towards another bird that has been recolored. Effort and buy WOW TBC Classic Gold reward; the stores mounts will make other mounts unworth the effort since they require so much more while you'll get much less

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