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TBC gear was among the most memorable, but Vanilla's by Wei weismart
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  • TBC gear was among the most memorable, but Vanilla's gear was also the most distinct. You have DST, stunherald/lionheart, Ashes of WOW TBC Gold alar, warglavies, spellstrike/spellfire/shadoweave sets, Latros shifting sword, the sun eater (not meta but still a status item back in the day on priv servers). There's a huge selection of items , though not as crazy as vanilla but not as far away from it. Wotlk is slow, mainly due to two reasons. Naxx , with 15x2, is a big oof.

    I just started playing TBC Classic a week ago, and as a new player, I want to seek out directions to the zones, dungeons, and raids in Outland. I can play them as they come on the map, the most important thing is that all the things I play within the expansion to be in chronological order according to lore. I've completed all quests within Hellfire Peninsula, the two dungeons of Hellfire Citadel, and all the quests in Zangarmarsh in the Serpent Lake dungeons. There are now quests in several zones, and I feel a bit confused.
    It's easy to think of it as a retail lens. There's no "chronological order" or overarching narrative to the expansions quests, most things are very much isolated to their own regions. They didn't really do big epic story telling at the time. So like, at 68 you have two options: Shadowmoon or Netherstorm However, neither of those zones are in any way connected with either zone, and are distinct things, meaning there's no proper order of story. To play raids, you'll prefer to go to Kara > Gruul’s > Magtheridon> Tempest Keep/Sepernt Shrine (again, they aren't in an orderly sequence), Hyjal Black Temple, Sunwell. ZA exists and is really enjoyable, but as with many troll things, it's kind of its own thing, it doesn't "fit in" anywhere.

    TBC was initially designed as an expansion and playing a TBC server would give you access Classic content (though it's now obsolete). They are currently considered distinct games that benefit players who like the classic version of the game.

    Wow classic has basically been dead since the release of TBC classic therefore I'd select tbc, if I were you. Are you new to the game? If yes, I'd recommend that you try the retail option instead. It's more refined and provides a variety of quality-of-life improvements.

    The trash monsters in the area just before the boss have buffs that increase their dmg by 10 percent. You can then take them out until a mage spell steals I think 8-10 stacks. Then when the mages gets max stacks , you go and kill bosses and make the mage remain in the blue beam for the entire time. Giving him all the cheap WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold innervates and tides you can , and healing the shit out of the mage also. Arcan can reach these numbers the frost and fire are about 5k or so.

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