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This brings us to the next question: do you use by Wei weismart
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  • I tell him why he does not make use of it. He then RS gold buys an Earth Battlestaff. The reason he wore a slayerdart, was because the majority of YouTubers in tutorials using slayerdart, therefore, a lot of the YouTube users also wear slayerdart, which annoys me more, because they are poor examples.

    This brings us to the next question: do you use a fire blast/ waveattacks or a Slayerdart? Is magic something you don't use? Do not make this a poll. This is more of a discussion about why they use it, than that you use. All right; then explain me the reason why people were using slayerdart even though blood runes were more expensive than death runes?

    This thread will present my speculation and may provide relevant evidence. If you'd like the new ability to remain a total surprise then don't read on.

    General Premises - facts about the new Skill

    This section discusses three premises to be considered by everyone looking to determine what the new skill is. First, the skill can be used for both F2P or P2P. (See evidence).

    The second assumption is that the new skill is based on the key gameplay mechanic of the cancelled micro-transactional MMO ThirdScape, which means that whatever the new skill is it would have to work well as a gameplay element that is a part of an MMO. The evidence (RSOF QF 13-14-746-60289341; Mod MMG Q&A, question from The 39th Guy + MechScape Post #30 + statements similar to this):

    To MMG Mod: You a little while said this about Thirdscape:"We are currently developing a brand new game mechanic. I cannot give away too much information, however, it could be an entire game, or just one specific skill. Or both. Members will get it for free. This year it is expected to be this year. But, it must be amazing. Because it's so exciting, no one has done this before. I'm not sure I want to see it revealed.

    "Basically, this was going be the 2010 version of our video game -We were planning to create another game. However, we decided, "RuneScape" ties in so nicely with this and that the community would be thrilled by it, so let's stop making it another game. Let's just add this into the game."

    Let's tackle these questions: What is the current strategy? This is still on the right track, and it was amazing the last time I saw. What date will it be available? It will be soon. Will we be told about it when it happens? I suspect you won't be cheap OSRS gold able to miss it. Mod MMG, Yes the new game mechanic will be free to all players.

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