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K.C. The schedule of the team is worrying as well by Wei weismart
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  • K.C. The schedule of the team is worrying as well. Over the Madden nfl 22 coins next six weeks, there will be plenty of interest from the Titans, Packers and Bills each of whom have been playing some great offense. The good news is that for the Chiefs they also get three quarters of the NFC East over that same period, without having to take on the Cowboys. If the defense cannot figure things out, Patrick Mahomes and this offense could result in a 3-3 result over that stretch. It's likely that they'll get something close to 5-1, and that is enough to forget about this division over the next few months. But there are a few flaws on this roster and the majority of the division is performing very well.

    In a word. The reason isn't that they're not good however, because Justin Fields, Zach Wilson and Trevor Lawrence appear to be in potentially dangerous situations currently. This is what happens when you're picked at the top third of the draft and you end up on a team that's not great. Signal-callers in the early stages are under intense pressure from the beginning of the season.

    Some of the issues could be self-inflicted, since Next Gen Stats show Wilson and Fields particularly are holding the ball too long in the NFL, as per NFL Media's Daniel Jeremiah.

    This is partly because of personnel problems and scheme issues. The Bears, Matt Nagy rolled out Fields as a starting quarterback and basically asked Fields to be "Dude who backs up Andy Dalton" instead of "Insanely Athletic First-Round Pick Playing Behind the Bad Offensive Line." Fields took the initiative to simplify his life. Change the pocket. Move him to the edge. Cut down the field by half. To make the odds work in your favor, try running a lot of RPO's with an offensive team that is not dependable.

    The Browns have a decent defense however, an offensive coach allowed a young quarterback to achieve a 6-for-20 mark as the team racked up net yards of 47 yards in 42 plays (1.1 per game!) as well as one net passing yard. That is not a typo The Bears had just one passing yard. In 2021. A full football game. There were 11 players on the field. Fields was kicked off nine times. Did you not hear? Nine times. Mr. Nagy, wake up and get a cup of coffee.

    The Jets might be less concerning, because they're at least making a start on a new coaching team that's working with a roster that's not stocked with cheap mut coins madden 22 talent. Instead of an old coaching staff who must deal with no talent like the Bears. They're still sucking the energy out of their fans with their lackluster performances, however.

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