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Since my early years, I've been addicted by Wei weismart
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  • Since my early years, I've been addicted to WoW for nearly my entire life. I first started playing when I was just 6/7 years old, and by the age of WOW TBC Gold 12 I was putting in more than 10 hours a day during the weekend, and eventually I became obese , and devoted my entire teens playing this game. Between the ages 17-19 I began to reduce my participation and lose weight , after meeting new acquaintances and developing a drug (marijuana habit) however, I would come back to the game at least each expansion pack in the new season.

    Over Christmas during which I was heavily involved with WoW Shadowlands. Then, I ended my account the following spring. It's hard to think of all the characters and lost time. This isn't something is a regret, but it does make me miss my high-level toons and the chance to raid one more mythic+.

    I'm currently a level 70 warlock on a brand new account I set up in the summer. I haven't started playing at this level. It took me forever to get to 70 , and I didn't really play any game content.

    After several months of playing console games such as Halo MCC and Pokemon, but in moderation, WoW is now back. The other day I started watching WoW videos and gameplay and, now that there is no way to stop. I want to get into the game. The cost is only $15 to get me back on my TBC warlock.

    This is the issue with moderation: It keeps the addiction circuits operating and could hinder real change that will improve your life. It's like a hibernation-like state: Relapses always lurk just around the corner.

    Re-entering WoW could cost more than $15. It would mean months and weeks of lost time. Also, your progress would be reset the sacrifices you made (deleting your account, and going through the first stages of withdrawal) are deemed to be worthless and useless, and you'd create further pain and discomfort to come. This is more than the present temptation that you are struggling with.

    It is likely that these cravings are going to diminish if you keep resisting them. Stop working and go outside. Be busy, and do other things. Be quiet and for the sake of God, put down the WoW streams and videos. Don't set yourself up for cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold the same kind of relapse!

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