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Runescape Mobile is the latest update by Skyzhay Skyzhay
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  • We also wanted to test something OSRS GP different with the skill, to eliminate the obstacles in gaining experience. The cap on skill will be raised to 20 to allow all users to access the Kharid Et dig site. If this is approved (and the findings of our annual surveys appear to suggest that it will), we will extend this to all skill levels and will test any other skill milestones.

    We also offer the Archaeology Elite Skilling Outfit, that is available after the release of the skill. This skill can only be gained by studying Archaeology. It will not utilize the fragment system you use to. You'll need to complete certain things in order to get it. You're very mysterious...

    Here's the exciting part - the day of release. As you can see, development has been incredibly quick. On January 1, 2020, you'll play Archaeology using all the dig sites ancient invention and ancient summoning, and other relics.

    Let's look at the latest news and updates. RS Mobile, which is extremely exciting, is expected to bring more players. RuneFest Theme is not a game update, but rather a convention. RunePass - Oceans Bounty, cosmetic items available. Treasure Hunter - Boneyard

    Temple of Aminishi Elite Dungeon - that's great for elite players i guess. Mysteria, you are a better treasure hunter. Calendar in game - How exciting :xd Summer Pinatas – More treasure hunter BS. SGS Summer sale & jester pack, BUY OUR COSMETIC ITEMS GUYS. Hall Of Memories, levelling divination in a brand new zone, alright for some. Supernova - Treasure hunter bs once again. Carnival time! Get out and buy some money at Solomons store guys. The treasure hunter cash grabs comprise seven of the 12 updates.

    Runescape Mobile is the latest update. 1 thing buy old school runescape gold about a convention the majority of players wont be going to.3 game updates and whilst certain are intriguing but they do not add much to the game and will not inspire new players to to get involved.

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