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  • Yu bi, hong baoling left chu xinying. This wounderful woman has to discuss with her husband how to proceed tomorrow. The main thing involved bronze shaochuan. Tan shaochuan may be the chu family can not pay for to offend people. came to the research, hongbaoling saw chu passage is smoking, she place his cigarette out: "you can not solve the problem regarding smoking. We need to figure out how to Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes clarify this to tan. very well "What do you want me to express? " Chu bridge stated angrily. "It's just the method it is now. " Hong baoling had already planned inside the mind: "before tan constantly does not come to us, we are going to first try to let the girl heavy sentence, so it is to provide tan always an account. An additional, tomorrow let heart zhi Cheap Newport 100s Online dress up a bit more beautiful, all of Newport 100s us alone please tan complete eat rice, give your pet to make amiss. If the coronary heart zhi can marry brown zong, it will be a benefit to the heart of the cardiovascular system, so our chu loved ones in the future in castle top city status will be steady. " "That's the only way. micron Chu bridge sigh, they have no other good way. "Go to rest. " Hong baoling patted her husband's shoulder in addition to went out of the study. Viewing chu xinqiang and chu xinzhi twins sitting in the particular living room, she said gently, "xinzhi, look nice tomorrow. "Ah, I know mom. " Chu heart happy dead

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