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  • "Xiao Zhao" increased the volume although she understood Xiao Zhao's mood but still did not allow her to ignore her master not to mention that this girl is too tender but also need to be honed Yes Xiao Zhao came to his senses and was startled Half kneeling beside Leng Wanwan Now this person is in your hands and you can deal with it as you like It's up to her to kill or cut up Compared with her dead relatives I'm afraid it's not enough for this man to die a hundred times Thank you master When Xiao Zhao heard this he immediately knelt down stainless steel toilet and thanked him Looking up and staring sharply at Ying San I was finally able to avenge my parents Miss please spare me Shadow three was so frightened that he knocked his head on the ground Take it down Leng Wanwan waved to the four teenagers and they set up the shadow three and left with Xiao Zhao Far away came the sound of shadow three begging for mercy but it was obviously a mistake to find Leng Wanwan begging for mercy Chapter 15 Xuan yuan looks for his wife at night

    The sun is shining the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant Tianyao's palace was shrouded in a gloomy atmosphere as if winter had come ahead of time and everyone was trembling and treading on thin ice Bang bang bang There was another sound of things falling to the ground in the imperial study and the eunuch outside the door could not help but shrink Sure enough after a while came the familiar roar of the emperor "Damn it hasn't the Day King arrived yet" The eunuchs hung their heads and no one dared to answer him 、 Bang bang bang The memorial on the imperial desk fell to the ground the inkstone plate fell in half the ink splashed in all directions and the room was full of wolves Xuanyuan night stood behind the desk bright yellow dragon robe also splashed with ink a head of ink hair with the wind pouring into the window deep eyes with a thick sense of anger The little guy has been away for half a month Every night when he falls asleep touching the empty and cold place next to him his heart is filled stainless steel squatting pan with infinite yearning He missed her proud expression missed the softness of her waist-length hair missed her warm body missed missed or missed and wanted to fly to her side immediately But damn it there are a lot of things waiting for him He could put aside the affairs of the court and rush to find her without any worries but when she left she left a letter with the general's father-in-law to ensure that other countries would not take advantage of his absence from Tianyao to make trouble and disturb her mood of playing For this damned reason he abruptly suppressed the idea of chasing out of the palace but all day long in the palace so that everyone avoided him three feet

    Haven't you come yet Dong a slap on the table Hasn't the day already sent him a letter Why haven't you come back yet He shouldn't have promised to leave Yaocheng with his wife and go to that place in Tancheng to stay The emperor Xu Mao's voice came from outside the door Get your ass in here Xuanyuan night is angry no one has a good look Yes Xu Mao hurried in after seven years he has begun to be a little old If you have something to say say it quickly I don't have time to listen to your poor mushroom Xuanyuan night waved his robe sleeve impatiently Time Delay Tap and it was better not to bother him with some old things again Said that the queen did not come out to recruit Xiu Nu into the palace to continue the royal blood Bah his children can only be born of Wanwan To hell with all the other women Report to the emperor that Commander Lin is back Xu Maowei bowed and hurried back to report Why didn't you say so Bang Xuanyuan night toward Xu Mao is a burst of roar "do not hurry to pass him in" "Yes yes" Xu Mao wiped his sweat and hurried out

    Queen Wow why are you leaving Now the emperor is turning into a fire-breathing Tyrannosaurus See Your Majesty Lin Pu came in travel-stained and he came back on his way all night I knew the emperor was thinking about the news of the empress but I didn't expect to hear his roar just outside Get up quickly Xuanyuan night waved eagerly "did you see the queen" Deep eyes stared straight at him sweeping away the violence just now and became very anxious To live up to the emperor's trust his subordinates saw the empress and submitted the letter to her Lin Pu raised his head and answered in a loud voice How is the queen Xuanyuan night can't wait to see Wanwan right away Very good Lin Pu thought about it and said "There seems to be a girl who knows kung fu around the empress"

    "Remembering the alert look in Xiao Zhao's eyes at the moment of opening the door he thought that there was no need to worry about the safety of the empress In fact with the skill of the empress herself no one could defeat her" Very good Xuanyuan night wry smile that little heartless did not miss themselves Did the queen tell you anything Looking at Lin Pu with some expectations can there be a reply after Wanwan sees the letter "Yes" Lin Pu handed over the silver chain to Xuanyuan Night A silver chain Xuanyuan night took the silver chain and stainless steel shower tray looked left and right Suddenly a flash of silver in my mind silver chain miss although it seems that the line can not be drawn but it is very homophonic Is that what she meant She misses herself too Deep as a pool of eyes across a light of ecstasy slender fingers will hold the silver chain tightly in their hands The tiny sunlight squints in from the window sprinkling the clear yellow on the ground The messy room seemed to be covered with a layer of warm light and became pleasing to the eye Xuanyuan night's joy in the eyes of Lin Pu inexplicably touched him Is this the joy of loving someone

    "Lord Daytime has arrived" Outside the door suddenly sounded the eunuch's shrill voice Xuanyuan night suddenly looked up there is no time more than at this moment that the shrill voice was so wonderful Your Majesty your subordinates will retire first Lin Pu bowed to Xuanyuan night and retired and met Xuanyuan day who came in at the door Wang Ye is auspicious "Mmm" Xuanyuan smiled at Lin Pu in the daytime but the smile was not as clear and gentle as it had been seven years ago as if it had been covered by fog With ethereal alienation it is impossible to approach Lin Pu left and shook his head Always feel that something seems to have happened to Wang Ye But what is it He doesn't know and he doesn't need to know Brother Huang Xuanyuan Day came in and saluted Xuanyuan Night With the passage of seven years Xuanyuan's elegant temperament remains unchanged and time seems to have left no trace on him

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