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  • "It's so simple How much can you get for one" Listen to him it seems quite easy if you can really make money then we do not have to try anyway more money does not burn hands not to mention shooting some scenes of killing monsters for us it is not a thing at all After counting on his fingers he raised his head and said to me "At first we were not very famous" The film must also be streamlined and it is estimated that it can only be about tens of thousands of yuan Three minutes Three minutes tens of thousands of yuan "milk" "milk" true or false Flushometer valve as long as we open a video function when killing monsters we can easily get tens of thousands of yuan even if three people share We can also get ten thousand yuan This is just when the fame is not very loud then after the fame starts Money How could it be so easy How do you divide the money you earn My brother is still clear about the accounts We must ask this question clearly in advance otherwise the uneven distribution of money will lead to internal strife Our plan is to divide the money into four parts and the same is true of the contribution

    It's just that we're doing a game promo so the cost of shooting can all be saved For the first time we only need to work hard not much investment "We are partners so no one is superior or inferior We are all self-made so there is no property dispute" he added Brother Yin is mainly responsible for shooting Xiaoya is responsible for post-production and I am responsible for contacting businesses and market research we all have their own Flush valve price things and there is no uneven division of labor "And" Broken Teeth added "We can't talk in the vernacular here Even I can't just talk about my friendship with Xiaohua from childhood to the earth Some things must be there After all reality is different from the game Everything must be legal" If the eldest brother has no opinion how about making an appointment to sign a contract at the law firm Sign a contract which is exactly what I want Once there is a contract guarantee I will be a partner in the true sense of the word If we have money we will make it The money in the game is still our own All right I'll do as you say

    If I look at the time I'll do it tomorrow I stood up and said "It's settled I should go back to accompany the ponytail" The weather was warm and sunny and the blue sky was like washing A few light white clouds like cotton candy scattered on the blue silks and satins in the sky Flocks of pigeons flew over the sky and the pigeon whistles on their bodies made a continuous buzzing sound which sounded particularly pleasant It seemed that I had returned to my childhood many years ago sitting at the gate of my grandfather's house and eating ice-sugar gourd Such weather is not difficult to see in the game but in the increasingly polluted real life it is really not easy to see such a blue sky Maybe God knew I was going out today so it cleared up and let me go out with a happy mood

    This is the prosperous business district of H city Flush Retrofit Kit with buildings and mansions rising like dense forests as tall as banyan trees in the south as tall and straight as poplars in the north as white as cedars as bright green as bamboo and as golden as ginkgo biloba in late autumn Eosin is like kapok full of flowers in late spring Twenty floors thirty floors forty floors fifty floors It seems to be constantly comparing their own height in order to show their status in the building group as if countless huge exclamation marks heavy rain splashed around me On the main road there are all kinds of cars running on both sides making the street like a never-ending river It's past rush hour but the sidewalks on both sides are still crowded with people

    Everyone is in a hurry to go their separate ways which makes the expensive commodities displayed in the bright glass windows seem to lose some charm Far away I had already seen the 81-story International Building which had almost become the landmark of the district The building clad in blue reflective glass contains everything you can find in almost any industry Strictly speaking it is a comprehensive office building for the business community Here is a symbol of identity because only super-strong enterprises can have a foothold here Because of this most of the people here have status and status and even a small employee will think he is superior to others

    Not only is it convenient to work here From the first floor to the thirteenth floor it is also a good place for leisure and entertainment We agreed to meet at the Liangmu Cafe on the ninth floor When I entered the door of the cafe which opened automatically my eyes suddenly brightened Did I go to the wrong place Not to the coffee shop but to the green park full of birds and flowers What comes into Concealed Flush Valve view is a scene of nature Nearby flowers and plants are luxuriant clear springs are murmuring red carp and green crucian carp are roaming in the meantime; in the distance rockeries overlap craggy rocks and there are pavilions on the mountains With upturned corners and upturned eaves golden roofs and red railings it is small and exquisite which is a wonder There is a spring at the foot of the pavilion which first flows out into a canal and then flows straight down along the rocks forming a waterfall just like a jade belt Splash of pearls Playing a symphony of nature surrounded by towering iron trees

    The palms are green and there are all kinds of coffee tables whether in the shape of a swing a wooden stake in the woods or a strange rock beside a stream No matter where you choose to sit you always have the feeling of throwing yourself into the embrace of nature and the fatigue of work is suddenly swept away The service desk reported his name and when the beautiful waitress was inquiring for me several people came face to face One of the fat people was bowing and bowing smiling and saying goodbye to several middle-aged people who looked like bosses Look closely hey know is not I used to work in the company the yellow fat man who disliked me all day long I haven't seen him for a long time He is getting fatter and fatter He looks like a boss Unfortunately his natural servility can never be changed After seeing off the clients Fatty Huang wiped the sweat from his head breathed a long sigh of relief turned around and stood opposite me Yo isn't this Zhang Yu Why do you also come here for a stroll The yellow fat man stared at me and looked me up and down He immediately assumed a commanding posture and said to me with a smile

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