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  • "Are you going to help" King Rong asked impatiently with the intention of forcing him to come if he refused The heat of the organs under the palm of the hand was astonishing transmitting a strong pulsation that made Feng Ming's heart pound The white clouds carrying two people are still pacing gracefully and the undulating melody warms everything up In an instant Feng Ming's pursuit of push button toilet flush valve stimulating factors was thoroughly aroused He gritted his teeth and said "In exchange I'll help you and you'll help me" Rong Wang's mouth was dry because of his sensational condition and his crotch became more painful He said in a hoarse voice "Hurry up what are you dawdling about" He immediately practiced what he preached and put his hand into Feng Ming's clothes On the tall steed the two men slowly rubbed each other Intense but have to worry about the excitement of the attendant so that two people are excited "I also said you were very chaste" Rong Wang rubbed Feng Ming and made fun of him

    But his breath revealed his excitement and under the touch of Feng Ming his chest swelled and almost exploded Feng Ming was even more useless He couldn't even open his mouth Even his neck was red He just clenched his teeth and kept silent The current is constantly coming from the fingertips of two people touching the most basic needs of the deep so that all the happiness gradually floats up "Whoo" At the last moment King Rong suddenly kissed Feng Ming on the lips to prevent his attendants from hearing his Urinal Manual Flush Valve disgraced groans Milky white body fluids sprayed in each other's palms "Fortunately Bai Yun has white hair all over his body" Rong Wang wiped his lower body with his hem and slowly relaxed his breathing Feng Ming gradually came to his senses and stretched out his hand to wipe away the things in his lower body "Wait a minute" Rong Wang stopped him took out a delicate embroidered handkerchief from his bosom and put it into Feng Ming's crotch to wipe it clean Feng Ming blushed even more "Thank you" she said "You're welcome" King Yung however waved the soiled handkerchief in his hand and said "Keep it as a souvenir" He put the handkerchief back in his arms solemnly Feng Ming immediately opened his eyes wide and could not make a sound After a while Fang shouted "King Rong!"! You pervert! The sound was loud and echoed all over the lawn Who cares about the attendants at this time

    Will they doubt Just as he was about to rush up and snatch the handkerchief back to destroy the body there was a rapid sound of hooves in his ears "Your Royal Highness King Yung so you are here!" General Hitomi laughed on his horse and said "We have reached an agreement with the emissary who left the country that the document will not destroy the diplomatic relations between the two countries" And to the same country has also issued an ultimatum to them to hand over the robbers or immediately send troops There are other affairs of state Please come to the Council Chamber to discuss them "I'm not going!" Feng Ming who was staring at Rong Wang refused without turning his head "We'll go at once General Hitomi" King Yung was very calm He smiled at General Tong and whispered in Fengming's ear "If you're obedient I'll give you your handkerchief back" "You return it first!" Feng Ming said in a low voice "No you come with me to the Council chamber first" "Return it and go again" "Return it after you have gone" King Rong turned his head and said to General Tong who was waiting "General Tong please go first" Manual Flush Valve His Royal Highness will be here soon That I'll leave first Pupil general is not a fool see two people face strange whisper constantly know there is something strange ride away "Feng Ming" When Rong Wang saw General Tong leaving he suddenly stretched out his hand and hugged Feng Ming in his arms

    "What are you doing" Struggle hard but in any case can not struggle away The physical strength of the two men will be known immediately I warn you Don't cross me too much Rong Wang's dangerous eyes were fixed on Feng Ming's face and his serious expression made Feng Ming stop struggling unconsciously He said softly "I want to press you on the grass very very much" Don't give me an excuse to do this The suffocating air pressure of the coming wind and rain made Feng Ming panic in his eyes King Yung smiled again "I don't want you to be afraid" But if you don't change your temper you will suffer a great loss sooner or later do you know Let's go to the Council chamber He turned over and dismounted and took Feng Ming down Feng Ming was frightened and coaxed by him He relaxed a little and followed the steps of Rong Wang Finally he asked in a low voice "When will you give me back my handkerchief" "You're not a woman Why are you so thin-skinned" "Do men have to be thick-skinned" The two men argued softly and entered the Council chamber together "Your Royal Highness is in good health!" With a roar Feng Ming was startled Now the generals straight as a changed person eyes show the color of respect pay your respects to Feng Ming

    Feng Ming secretly shocked "This era of people the attitude has changed too fast right" Even modern people can't sigh But as a prince he felt the taste of being admired for the first time and immediately became proud When King Rong saw how pleased he was he bowed his head and whispered in his ear "Don't start being pleased again If they find out that you are a fake and drag you out and burn Service Sink Faucets you to death it must be them" Immediately like a bucket of ice water poured down from the head splashing all the smiles of Feng Ming "I'm real" said Feng Ming grinding her teeth "Don't always doubt me" Rong Wang smiled ignored it and went to sit on the chair Feng Ming also sat in the middle seat The crowd sat down and began to discuss state affairs Feng Ming was not interested in those just yesterday but also Rong Wang touched his anger casually listened to a little then began to be distracted "His Royal Highness" He was grimacing and thinking about how to get the white cloud from the king when he heard someone calling him Feng Ming looked up and saw General Chu with a respectful face "Huh" Why does the prince frown

    Could it be that there is something wrong with the tax policy we are talking about Feng Ming looked at him in a twinkling of an eye and all the people in the Council chamber looked at him presumably guessing what surprising words they would hear Where does he have any amazing opinions to express Fengming never pays attention to the financial affairs of taxation "If there's nothing wrong with it just do what you've discussed" Feng Ming nodded hurriedly General Chu had a strange look on his face After looking at Feng Ming for a long time he said "But we haven't completely worked out the tax policy yet" What a great shame! Feng Ming's face turned yellow immediately "The prince has had very little contact with the tax system and there is nothing wrong with not knowing the secret of it" Rong Wang's words were originally to excuse Feng Ming but the teasing tone of his words made Feng Ming's anger reborn

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