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  • "Good boy it's all my fault!" The old man held him in his arms tears almost fell running the secret power of the treasure amulet sending out the rosy clouds wrapping him up Where is the Supreme Bone Asked the old man who was red and bright like a blood phoenix "Pale the young woman stood up and did not speak" Master it's inside me Shi Yi threw down his silver knife and said calmly When the old man like a blood phoenix heard the words his eyes showed a strange light and he did not speak for a long time The old man who was holding the Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl little one in his arms was even angrier when he heard this He said in a cold voice "I the Stone Clan have ancestral precepts We must not kill each other We must unite together and unite with the outside world" Otherwise how to walk out of a village-like ancestral land lay down this vast territory rule hundreds of millions of people sit on the throne and the number of princes is countless You woman you are too vicious and the clan rules can't tolerate you!

    "The matter is somewhat complicated involving the Supreme Bone which is the top secret of the clan and can not be leaked out" This is not the place to talk Let's go back first The old man next to him spoke Laowu do you want to cover up! The old man like a golden lion asked In any case the natural supreme can not disappear go back to the house to discuss Said the old man who glowed red Even if I don't do it now Ziling won't give up when he comes back According to his temper if he doesn't cut off all of you he will slaughter nine times out of ten He won't swallow this tone without giving him justice! Said the old Prison toilet for sale man as mighty as a golden lion Chapter 0058 Stone Mausoleum Magnificent mansions palaces magnificent like a heavenly palace standing in the world dyed with a golden brilliance in the sunset solemn and solemn people have a state of mind of pilgrimage to worship However in the auspicious atmosphere transpiration the magnificent architectural complex actually is the billow dark surge contains the opportunity to kill

    In a huge hall the atmosphere was tense more than a dozen old people sat upright and runes flashed which would erupt at any time The little one's life was in danger and the supreme bone was dug up which shocked the top level These old people were pulled out They were all very senior people This kind of thing could not be hidden from them More than a dozen people are usually in seclusion simply ignoring the world of mortals and even some ancestors have not appeared in front of the clansmen for twenty or thirty years but they are also disturbed and invited out of the cave A natural supreme unexpectedly in the clan was harmed anti-heaven Also discuss what immediately put the poisonous woman Ling Chi to death! An old man was furious Her grandfather and his people are not simple always strong such a silent execution there will be a lot of trouble the imperial capital will talk about rumors and the explanation the supreme bone is bound to leak to the world Another old man said gently Even if the emperor did this kind of thing he had to give an account to the people of the world Stainless Steel Prison Toilet not to mention her family

    Do you want to cover up Do you want to bend the law for selfish ends The old man on the opposite side asked coldly and the sun moon and stars appeared in his eyes and the breath of the table was crushed In the hall the runes are densely covered the lightning is interwoven it is very horrible and the smell of gunpowder is strong to the extreme Here too the little one is dying held in his arms protected by his own divine light which is as exuberant as the sea nourishing his vitality and preventing him from being too weak to die Nature will deal with her which can be discussed later Now the focus is on the supreme bone which can not be lost It should be the supreme of my stone clan and it can never disappear Red clouds all over the body like an old man bathed in sky fire opened his mouth his eyes pressing and calm What do you mean Laowu The old man like a golden lion stood up with a cry and said "Of course you have to dig it out and put it in Haoer's body again It belongs to him No one can possess it!" "It's hard to take it out and continue it immediately" "Is it just because Yi'er is a member of your branch that you have to protect him to the end The Supreme Bone belongs to whoever it belongs to!" The twinkling of the divine light between them the roaring and rumbling of the hall like mountains and seas and the shaking of the whole sacred hall Fourth brother I am not practicing favoritism

    "The blood-phoenix-like old man stood up and pointed to the little one saying" You see this child is so weak that even if he takes the precious medicine every day it is difficult for him to recover How can he nourish the supreme bone " As soon as the words came out the quarrel suddenly became less and many people stopped talking This is a fact Whether the little one can survive or not is still a matter of two In my opinion I would rather behead both the mother and the son without the supreme bone than follow the clan rules The most hot-tempered old man spoke As soon as the words came out everyone was startled The clan had lost a supreme one Would you like to let the heavy pupil also fall "The Stainless Steel Trough Urinal second elder brother calms down Yi'er is still an ignorant child This matter has nothing to do with him He has the potential of an ancient sage and a God He will be proud of all families in the future He should not be implicated" Someone persuaded him Ignorant child What do you think of him!

    When he came back he wanted to die or live and cut his neck with a knife saying that if he killed his mother he would die with him Will you let the wicked woman go free from such iniquity and will you obey her The old man said in a cold voice shining all over like the stars in the sky flowing with terrible energy How to deal with the wicked woman This is a matter of pressing in advance and deciding later Now let's discuss the Supreme Bone first Many people in the temple are silent the matter has come to this point they can not tolerate two children are abolished the most powerful blood must continue The supreme bone has been implanted into Yi'er's body What is the result now Just then the oldest old man who had not been out of the cave for thirty years suddenly opened his eyes like two golden suns bursting out with blazing light and rumbling which was very frightening The crowd suddenly quieted down and stopped arguing He has been integrated with Yi'er nourished by his flesh and blood regardless of each other and the result is shocking as if he was born in his body Laowu spoke All the people were shocked and moved Unexpectedly successful if the heavy pupil plus the supreme bone what height will it reach in the future That kind of achievement is unimaginable! "We'll talk about it in a few days That's all for today" Another old man opened his mouth He was also very old and had not been seen for twenty or thirty years

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