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Villain, he just doesn't divorce. by Justice Joan
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  • Always feel that there is a kind of creepy feeling in Jiang Xuan's words if he honestly threw his business card the feeling of jumping repeatedly on the edge of danger is exciting but the most important thing is to save his life first Jiang Xuan looked in a very good mood and even rarely hummed a tune when driving What shall we eat at night He began again with the classic phrase of chat How Time Delay Tap about hot pot For the first time Yu Ruo felt that he did not quite understand the character written by himself and did not understand what he was happy about OK Jiang Xuan never seemed to have put forward a rebuttal Do you cook at home or eat out Yu Ruo asked again Can you still do it yourself Jiang Xuan has never eaten the hot pot made by himself at home

    Of course but we have to buy hot pot seasoning first as well as rice cakes enoki mushrooms wide noodles Yu Ruo counted the dishes carefully and the more he said the more greedy he was and his saliva was about to fall down Jiang Xuan is also very interested simply drove directly to the nearby supermarket In the evening they happily ate a hot pot The spicy taste made Yu Ruo stick out her tongue but she couldn't stand the delicious food She couldn't stop even if it was spicy Jiang Xuan got up and poured her a glass of water Yu Ruo breathed and drank a cup He also poured Jiang Xuan a cup "I think we can buy a bottle of Sprite Coke next time we eat hot pot It's boring to drink boiled water" "Good" Jiang Xuan took a sip of the water When they had eaten and drunk enough and the sky was completely dark Yu Ruo Self-closing Faucet spread out on the sofa and remembered the carpet he had bought today

    I'll come Jiang Xuan picked up the carpet and spread it on the ground and Yu Ruo looked at the beauty of the villain beside him feeling that the villain had the feeling of a good man at home when he tidied up his things Look at this quiet temperament look at this cold and flawless side face is worthy of her own design of the villain If narcissistic immersion in their own design of the perfect person the next second Jiang Xuan there suddenly came a lovely to the extreme "pickup!" Yu Ruo "Pikapica!" Chapter VII Yu Ruo gazed intently at Jiang Xuan making sure that the voice of "pickup truck" did come from his side Jiang Xuan She had a complicated look on her face "Are you calling" Jiang Xuan's back obviously has a moment of stiffness he turned his head with a kind of full of horror surprise at a loss In short he looked at Yu Ruo with extremely complicated eyes and said innocently "It's not me" Then he got up and stepped on the carpet under his feet which made a lovely "pickup" sound again Can this carpet still call Yu Ruo went over and stepped on her feet

    She was relieved when she was sure that the carpet was making a lovely sound I don't know why she was a little disappointed I thought the villain in her family had some unknown hobby How cute he is to be a pickup truck Fortunately Jiang Xuan will not read the mind will never know if this insane idea On Sunday the two played games at home for a whole day during which they did not win a game Yu Ruo even applied for a trumpet to play with him so as not to lose his big winning rate When they get along with each other they either eat or play and live a life of immortals like pigs On Monday Jiang Xuan returned to the company after sending Yu Ruo to school Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin looking at the official duties piled up in front of him with a black face Let Chu-yu come in He turned over the papers and frowned slightly The secretary hurried out to call Chu-yu during which he tried to lower his sense of existence Seeing Chu-yu come in Jiang Xuan raised his chin slightly and leaned against the back of his seat with a smile on his face "But how can there be so much business on a weekend"

    "It's really not my fault" Chu-yu had a cramp on his face and countless well-shaped characters appeared on his forehead "How many times did I call you on the weekend to ask you to sign the document As a result you didn't answer any of them for me Why Seeing that I am your brother you want to exhaust me directly don't you" Chu-yu felt that he was so pitiful And Jiang Xuan anyhow is also a good brother the results of the company status he low Jiang Xuan a head do work several times more than Jiang Xuan the salary is not as much as Jiang Xuan the most important thing is that he likes the woman like Jiang Xuan! "I can't Time Delay Faucet live like this" Chu-yu said bitterly with a handful of snot and tears looking out of the window at the bright sunshine pretending to be flying snow "I'm working overtime on weekends Jiang Xuan how can you bear to be free" My life is so bitter! Fortunately he did not know that Jiang Xuan hung up the phone in order to play games otherwise the roof of the company would be lifted at the moment

    Jiang Xuan smiled and was ruthless "If you don't want me to tell Chu Qian about your eight boats you can work hard for me" As soon as Chu-yu choked he looked at Jiang Xuan incredibly "Bah when did I step on eight boats" Jiang Xuan shrugged Self-closing Shower Valve his shoulders and said nothing but the smile looked hypocritical Chu-yu that hate ah he is not occasionally occasionally flirted with a few little sisters how can this bastard be caught! "Can't I work Don't tell Qianqian" Chu-yu was a little weak "If she knew she would not be able to agree to be my girlfriend" Jiang Xuan looked at his bear like some speechless opened the document turned up "since it has been determined that she is a good heart how can you still be the same as when you went to school" "I'm not married and I'm not an object anyway" Chu-yu muttered not wanting to talk about his emotional problems and suddenly thought of something cheap to approach Jiang Xuan "by the way aren't you married" How do you feel

    Can you hold down that grumpy young lady in the Yu family Press Jiang Xuan remembered his experience of being thrown over the shoulder twice by Yu Ruo and unconsciously raised his hand to his neck Who presses who is not certain "Very good" Jiang Xuan smiled But don't talk nonsense Chu-yu rejected it directly looking at Jiang Xuan's fake smile "I didn't see the cold expression on your face on the wedding day did I" I've never seen a groom so calm when he gets married "It's different after marriage" Jiang Xuan said lightly "as long as she doesn't touch my bottom line I will give her my wife's dignity" Chu-yu felt a pain in his liver It's great to get married right Look at Jiang Xuan's obscure appearance it's time to take out his hidden blue dragon and white tiger feet and kick this guy to death Right Seeing Chu-yu picking up the document and preparing to go out Jiang Xuan closed a book and called him "Is the game of King of Glory fun" What's the point of losing all the time

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