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Cuixiu Yuhuan-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise by Berg Amy
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  • "It was thirty years ago" said Hu Yanxiao "I wounded two eminent monks of the Shaolin Temple and maimed one of them That man is now the head of the Shaolin Temple He has a very high status If he comes to the meeting tonight and remembers his former enmity he will definitely not let me go" "Why is uncle in conflict with Shaolin Temple" Asked Jiang Xiaofeng "Alas" said Huyan Xiao! Just a little emotional dispute the two sides do not tolerate each other resulting in a hatred Jiang Xiaofeng saw that he did not want to elaborate on the inside drum spill containment story and no longer forced to ask changed the topic said "This place is Panlong Valley" Hu Yanxiao nodded and said "Not bad" Jiang Xiaofeng said "The master of this place seems to be highly respected by his colleagues in the martial arts world I don't know who he is" "Brother Jiang" said Wang Xiu "did you say'Song Lan discusses the sword ' Jiang Xiaofeng said "Songlan Double Sword" "Yes" said Wang Xiu "forty years ago there were two great swordsmen in Jianghu Jiang Xiaofeng said The younger generation has not been on the stage for a long time and I don't know the names of the two people "We'll see them in the middle of the night" said Wang Xiu "My child" said Hu Yanxiao "when you see Songlan Shuangchuang don't mention the deeds of your benefactor the golden cicada

    "Why" Asked Jiang Xiaofeng Hu Yanxiao said "Because of Songlan Shuangjian I had a little quarrel with your teacher" Jiang Xiaofeng was in a daze and secretly said in his heart "In Jianghu there is a tangle of gratitude and resentment everywhere It's really troublesome" "Yes my little nephew" he answered Wang Xiu smiled and said "Brother Huyan is very careful Have you ever seen the'Songlan Double Sword 'these days" "Ten days ago" said Hu Yanxiao "I appeared for a time but after tea I went back to the stone room and made an appointment to open the door again after midnight tomorrow to welcome the attendees "I don't know" said Wang Xiu "but I don't know what the Songlan Shuangjian said after it appeared" "They seem to be warning in the dark" said Huyan Xiao "What's the warning" Asked Wang Xiuqi Hu Yanxiao said "It seems that we can't hide from the eyes and ears of Blue Sky Righteousness at such a large gathering We can't go out again before midnight on June 15 If there is a change and we can't help we need the people present to try to protect themselves" No Wang Xiu nodded and said "About two old people have been alert but they haven't said anything" The voice paused and said "How many people are there in the field" "There are about thirty people" said Huyan Xiao "Is there anyone from the Shaolin Temple" Asked Wang Xiu

    "There are three members of the Shaolin Sect two monks and one lay disciple" said Hu Yanxiao "None of them are very old and none of them know me However I heard that there are several leaders in charge of the Shaolin Temple who will arrive before tomorrow afternoon" "What other new arrivals are there plastic pallet supplier " Asked Wang Xiu "I have to ask Gongsun Cheng" said Huyanxiao "I seldom associate with people in the martial arts world I don't know many people Besides I've changed my costume and gathered a lot of people Who would notice me as a bad old man I have to chat with others Alas!"! I used to be the only one in Jianghu I never sold the characters in black and white I offended a lot of people Even I can't remember clearly I'm afraid that if my identity is leaked I'll cause a lot of trouble first With a slight smile Wang Xiu changed the subject and said "When we left Zhenjiang Lan Tianyi was still there Unless they also had a giant eagle to take advantage of they would not be able to get here within ten days It seems that there is no need to worry about a surprise attack by a strong enemy It's just that I feel that the identity of these people gathering in Huangshan seems too complicated I have to be careful" "Brother" said Hu Yanxiao "I've been worried about this for a long time You should have a good talk with Gongsun Cheng about this Who will he invite" "What's the matter" Asked Wang Xiu Didn't you even talk to Gongsun Cheng Hu Yanxiao said with a smile "Gongsun Cheng seems to be a little clever He seems to be very attentive to his brothers but his brothers have been avoiding talking to them" "In the martial arts world" said Wang Xiu "there is no one who doesn't know that Huyanxiao the bird king is always dressed in colorful clothes Now you suddenly change into a green shirt and change your appearance Even if you are brothers if you don't hear the conversation between your uncle and nephew even I can't recognize you

    ” Hu Yanxiao straightened his expression and said in awe "Brother Wang I have one thing to ask you to see me" "Brother Huyan said so solemnly" said Wang Xiu "That must be a very important thing But I don't know if I can do it" "It's very simple" said Hu Yanxiao "You don't have the desire to fight for fame and fortune and you don't have the desire to fight for hegemony You are very satisfied with the reputation of the word" Bird King "in the martial arts world" "I know that" said Wang Xiu "It's entirely for the sake of the overall situation spill plastic pallet of Jianghu and the justice of Wulin to frighten Brother Yan 、……” Hu Yanxiao laughed and said "The topic is too big for my brother to bear" Glancing at Jiang Xiaofeng he said "My brother has rebelled against the righteousness of the blue sky I don't want to be heard of in Jianghu I'm willing to be born and die in the rest of my life It's all for the sake of my virtuous nephew the name of Huyanxiao the bird king My brother doesn't want to let anyone know any more From now on I will appear in Jianghu as the old servant of Jiang's nephew and change my name to Jiang Xiao" Jiang Xiaofeng was taken aback and said hurriedly "How can I do this

    Don't you want to kill my nephew" Hu Yanxiao smiled and said "You don't have to worry too much about this For one thing I have made too many enemies in Jianghu If I appear as the Bird King with my real name it will bring you endless trouble Moreover the intention of Blue Sky Righteousness to kill me is eighty times heavier than him If this news comes out Blue Sky Righteousness will do its best to kill me" He laughed and said "Don't get me wrong Brother Wang Although Lan Tianyi is not afraid of my martial arts he has a headache about my skill of using birds" Wang Xiu nodded solemnly and said "Brother Huyan is right If King Wu can hide behind the scenes it will be even more beneficial to the overall situation of Wulin" "Everyone knows I like to wear colorful clothes" said Hu Yanxiao "Once I change my clothes and change my face a little I probably won't be seen" Jiang Xiaofeng said "Everyone in the world knows that my uncle is the only one who is good at fighting" Just watch you move the flock Is there any reason not to be guessed 。

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