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Time and space demon _ wandering toad _ txt novel paradise by Berg Amy
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  • But the future also knows that if we don't fight back let Jinshiyi continue to attack Once the Sinian Protoss warrior absorbs the energy of the full star sun the battle will shift to the side of the space-time countercurrent that is difficult to reverse After entering the solar system the energy of Jinshiyi is steadily recovering Now the consumption of his battle is slightly less than the absorption of energy and he will fight for a long time It is most beneficial to Jinshiyi This point whether Shi Qingyuan or yuan Qiankun are also very clear heavy duty plastic pallet but they have no way to launch the necessary counterattack The futurist showed a meditation he had never had before and suddenly shouted "Three Martial Uncles come and help me!"!

    This devil is the legendary warrior who will destroy the earth! wwwxiaoshuotxt。 com In the second round he annihilated Tianwu There are currently three people on the earth who can be called Martial Uncle by Fang Linkong Liequezi Qingming Laozu and Danxiaozi The three of them are all immortals after soaring and they are one level stronger than the eight gods Therefore we can go to the outside of the earth to see the abnormal battle here This side Lin Kong is not the other side Lin Kong this secret only Fang Lin Kong himself knows These three cheap martial uncles don't stackable plastic pallets know that this Fang Linkong is from the future not the fool they often see Being drunk out of the identity Liequezi and Qingming Laozu were embarrassed to continue to hide and successively sent out sword light to fight Dan Xiaozi hesitated a little and appeared summoning two immortals to come out One of them has nine-color phoenix wings on his back and his whole body is covered with brocade feathers He is petite The other however is different from the ordinary Tixian His whole body is shrouded in a snow-white armor and there is a layer of colorful flow around his body The words formed by countless golden brilliance live and die in the colorful The energy of these two immortals is much stronger than what Lin Kong saw at that time and they already have tens of millions of energy values With three more enemies Jin Shiyi has not yet had a hard time but after the expansion of the Thunder Nebula his energy consumption has exceeded the supply absorption This is the change that the future wants yuan Qiankun realized that the power of plundering the thunder nebula outside his body was a little weak so he immediately counterattacked Two brilliant silver rays like meteors rushed out of his palm This was a treasure that yuan Qiankun had practiced for many years

    The anti-five elements magnetic God and the anti-five elements magnetic God knife were a method that yuan Qikun understood by analogy when he was studying modern electromagnetic theory It could not be used to practice True Qi But it can be used to practice destructive magic weapons Electromagnetic has the phenomenon of assimilation iron iron nails close to the magnet it will be magnetic anti-five elements of the original magnetic sword is also the principle can assimilate the enemy's True Qi so that the original magnetic sword continues to grow This magic weapon The strange thing is that although it can hurt the enemy it also has a negative impact on the master and yuan Qiankun seldom uses it at ordinary times In order to avoid their own demon power will also be assimilated by the magnetic sword Jin Shiyi stretched out his hand and pointed to it euro plastic pallet and a pale yellow light greeted the anti-five-element magnetic sword With a light explosion both sides actually dissipated together Jin Shiyi was startled by the divine light he had just sent out Has been upgraded to a level with the power of the body protection light can not be mentioned in the same breath there is no way out the magic weapon issued by the earth demon clan

    The way the Sinian Protoss practices is completely different from that of the Earth and it is not like Shi Qingyuan's practice of the Earth Star Light Body Instead all kinds of strange divine powers of cultivation according to the level of cultivation send out divine light with different powers Or used to protect the body or used to travel the universe hard to deal with the enemy is more handy ever-changing Jin Shiyi's Baibi Green Hedgehog Divine Light has been trained to the eighth level which is two levels higher than Shi Qingyuan's sixth level astral body After the original energy was weakened Jin Shiyi had to reduce the divine light to the sixth level to reduce the energy consumption Just now he temporarily promoted Baibi Green Hedgehog Shenguang and the robbery thunder was broken by yuan Qiankun which can not be shocked in his heart yuan Qiankun was not as calm as Jin Shiyi saw He took great pains to sacrifice and refine the magnetic sword of yuan but it was destroyed by Jin Shiyi face to face He felt an indescribable regret in his heart I can't think of any other means to attack at the moment Lie Que Zi is the most arrogant

    Moreover Jinshiyi also saw that the later three people seemed to be the weakest and did not share too much pressure so he gave a loud shout and sent out the Kuishui elite and hundreds of ice crystal water dragons pounced on Jinshiyi With his brothers Qingming Laozu and Danxiaozi also made moves at the same time and the Warcraft armed by Qingming Laozu brazenly appeared providing him with endless energy After the transformation of Qingming Laozu the immortal spirit doubled beyond usual and the golden photovoltaic magic sword array was easily refined after his soaring A rolling multicolored sword awn Made up of tens of millions of sword lights Strangle the divine light that protects Jin Shiyi's plastic pallet box body Dan Xiaozi has been rising for a long time and he has also come into contact with some means of immortals in the Liluo Galaxy He released two immortals Just to be used as a meat shield in a crisis And Dan Xiaozi's real means is also the thunder overbearing seven black and oily sword light with the sound of sobs to come and go obviously not what kind of magic weapon After Jinshiyi was promoted to the first level of body-protecting divine light the originally dim divine light became brilliant and dazzling

    The long dragon formed by the Kuishui elite of the missing son was blocked by the light shield formed by Jinshiyi's body-protecting divine light and could not advance half a step But Lie Que Zi had already calculated and his figure turned into a dark red light and then followed After he cultivated the blood nerve he had already absorbed the twelve heads of the blood God on the banner of the blood God and his skill was advancing by leaps and bounds In terms of energy alone he was stronger than yuan Qiankun up to 210 million The luminous shield of Jinshiyi withstands the crystal dragon of the sunflower water elite of the missing son but it can't resist the missing son to send out the blood God magic light with the Xuantian nine change heart formula A thin light shield after being wrapped by the blood light released by the missing son's ten fingers it sends out a slight brittle crack The missing son is unforgiving and the blood light rises to suck away the fragments of the God light after Jinshiyi breaks the light shield His skill is not enough to fight with Jinshiyi and the ability of blood nerve to attack practitioners and absorb their essence and blood can not be used But it is easy to absorb some of the divine light outside the body of Jinshiyi

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