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  • It's going well and it's going very fast every day Is there anything else Jon asked as if he didn't want to talk to him Don't worry With that Chai Xiyang hung up the phone directly as if he were angry with someone Jon Ning at the other end was a little inexplicable but he didn't think much about it He put away his cell phone and continued to eat Now she has a very full day in addition to discussing the plot with several scriptwriters but also to study with Director Chen and even to act as a handyman busy all day like a top But she is very happy every day because she does all the things she likes to do After dinner Qiao Ning hurried to wash and rest there is an important scene to be filmed tomorrow! 、670 No Chapter 670 joning is wounded The next day before dawn everyone began to be busy again Today's shoot is a circus

    It's a scene where a collapsible pallet box group of slaves kill bandits and then take their horses and run away In this scene the highlight is the thrilling scene when the heroine runs away from the bandits But there are not enough extras today and many people are afraid to ride horses to shoot Jonin who had learned to ride horses as a child volunteered to be one of the female slaves Originally the previous shooting was very smooth but at the end of the run Jonin's horse did not know what was going on suddenly went crazy and threw Jonin on the ground! Chen Shui-nan suddenly shouted "Stop" Instantly others also rushed up others found something wrong all surrounded up Jonin! Chen Shuinan shouted at her a few times and Qiao Ning only looked at him in a daze and fainted Get to the hospital! Chen Shuinan picked up her body and rushed to the car Jonin was quickly taken to a nearby hospital and rushed to the emergency room There was a lot of blood on her head and I don't know if there were any other injuries Chen Shuinan's heart inexplicably some anxious and restless suddenly at this time his cell phone rang is Chai Xiyang's call Hello Chen Shuinan connected in a low voice Chai Xiyang asked doubtfully at the other end "I received news that the crew had an accident and someone was injured foldable bulk container What's going on" "It was Jonyn who was hurt She fell off her horse" Chen Shuinan said with some self-reproach Chai Xiyang was confused when he heard this He suddenly got up "Who did you say was hurt" "It's Jonin" She's still in the emergency room and the situation is not very clear

    "Where is the hospital" Chai Xiyang only asked sullenly Chen Shuinan said the name of the hospital Chai Xiyang immediately picked up his coat and rushed out of the office However he bumped into Lin Xiner who had just arrived Brother Chai where are you going Lin Xiner looked at him in a hurry and asked doubtfully There's something going on! Chai Xiyang only answered casually and left quickly without looking back telling the driver to drive out as he walked Lin Xiner looked at his rapidly disappearing figure with a somewhat complicated look What the hell happened collapsible bulk container Why did Chai Xiyang Will be so nervous and in a hurry Jon Ning and his team were filming in a nearby city and it took two hours to drive expressway from C city Along the way Chai Xiyang's heart was very uneasy For some reason he was worried that something would happen to Jonin I'm afraid something will happen to her But didn't he hate her before Why is this happening now Chai Xiyang thinks impassability he just wants to get to the hospital as soon as possible now just want to see Qiao Ning is all right!

    When Chai Xiyang arrived at the hospital Qiao Ning had already been transferred to the ward She was not seriously injured and after confirming that she was not too much of a problem Chen Shuinan rushed back to continue filming The main thing is that the crew is really busy and he can't delay everyone's time because of him But Chen Shui-nan left an assistant to take care of Qiao Ning The assistant dutifully stayed at the bedside and after a while he suddenly saw Chai Xiyang striding in! Seeing him the assistant opened his eyes wide in surprise "General Manager Chai what are you doing here" Chai Xiyang did not answer He went to the bedside and stared at Qiao Ning "How is the injury!" He asked The assistant reacted and realized that he was asking about Jonin's injury 、671 No Chapter 671 do you want to stay "The doctor said there was no big problem just a head injury and some abrasions in other places but there was no injury to the muscles and bones" The assistant answered respectfully

    Chai Xiyang stared at the unconscious Qiao Ning hanging a heart also silently fell down Then he asked the assistant to go back to work and he stayed to take care of Jonin Jon lost a lot of blood but he didn't stay unconscious for long before he woke up When she opened her eyes she saw a man sitting next to her in a daze Line of sight gradually became clear the man's deep familiar facial features plastic bulk containers also came into her eyes! Qiao Ning was surprised that it was Chai Xiyang! "Why are you here" Jon asked doubtfully as she glanced around again "What's wrong with me" Chai Xiyang saw that she had no problem speaking and said lightly "This is a hospital You fell off your horse" "Yes" Jonning suddenly remembered what happened before she fell into a coma She was filming a circus and fell off her horse!

    Jonning was about to ask her if she had broken her arm or leg when she suddenly had a headache She raised her hand to touch it and was grabbed by Chai Xiyang's wrist You have a wound on your head Don't touch it! Qiao Ning is stupefied nod "Oh" Chai Xiyang let go of her slender wrist and the first feeling was that she was thin again She just came to shoot for a few days Why did she lose weight again Qiao Ning felt the body as if basically all right the heart was relieved a lot Then she asked him doubtfully "Why are you here" Just came by to see the shooting situation who knows to bump into you injured things! Now the crew is very busy I can only watch you! Chai Xiyang's answer was cold and the reason was very good I just don't know why but Jon feels weird And then even weirder He really stayed and didn't leave at night She even took care of her food during the day Jonny never knew what to say to him He slept most of the day anyway

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