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  • I looked at them ignoring their ugly faces and said in a faint voice "I'm not joking Take care of yourself!" The voice fell I turned around and left here directly walking very simply After returning to Xiaoyao City I went to find the old beggar The old beggar was attacked and injured and this period of recuperation was much better I'm glad to see me back I chatted with him for a long time and told him some of my plans The old beggar's eyes were shining and he was very excited You are going to do something! Can you do it The wholesale plastic pallet old beggar looked at me with some fanaticism and said "Anyway count me in Damn it I'm going to spread the name of Xiaoyao Dojo all over Kyushu this time Even if I die in the future I'll have the face to see my ancestors!" Immediately afterwards I gathered many people in Xiaoyao City such as the Nine Demons Clan the Meng Family the Duanmu Family and some of the disciples who had taken root here I also gathered tens of thousands of people During this time I carved hundreds of wood carvings each of which had the power of my mind and distributed them Tens of thousands of people divided into hundreds of teams under the unified command of the old beggar took the wood carvings and left Xiaoyao City in high spirits Starting from Zhongzhou it spread to all parts of Kyushu to wipe out the natural beings outside the sky And I also did not idle after busy these went directly to ten thousand demon valley there

    After being suppressed for so many years it's time to start fighting back! Chapter 305 tavern Between the city of Xiaoyao and the Valley of Ten Thousand Demons there is a group of creatures from the sky sitting in town These creatures and Minhao are not in the same group but belong to the part of Yao Xian There are no pseudo-immortals here and naturally no one can resist me They obviously knew about the situation in Xiaoyao City When I came over the creatures in Tianwaitian were all nervous and looked at me with fear Without nonsense the artistic conception of the years is directly enveloped and a large number of celestial beings die and turn into a pool of powder There was only one person left who had wings on his back and was very similar to the first two-winged young man who had ever seen this side At this time his face was pale and trembling and he looked at me with frightened eyes shivering I walked up to him and said softly "Do you know why I didn't kill you" The man shook his head gently looking very nervous I pointed to the sky and said softly "Go back and tell your people to wash their necks and wait After dealing with a lot of things in Kyushu I will go to them and let them wait for me!" As the words fell I grabbed his collar and threw it into the air

    The guy was so shocked that he almost fell out of the air and flew out of the sky After doing all this I came to the Valley of Ten Thousand Demons where I met Feng Zun and other big demons as well as Dan Gui and other Dandao masters My arrival made them very excited I stayed here for a long time and talked with them for a long time wholesale plastic pallet After that I carved hundreds of wood carvings here which were distributed by all the big demons in the Valley of Ten Thousand Demons and let Feng Li and others lead the team to various places outside Zhongzhou to slay the celestial beings At the same time the things on this side of Xiaoyao City will be spread out to deter some Zongmen who take advantage of the chaos to expand I have no intention of being a savior but now Kyushu is really too chaotic the natural beings outside the sky are the curse and some clans are also accomplices of the turmoil Kill one to make an example of a hundred if you can't contain it I don't mind completely erasing those clans from Kyushu and returning peace to Kyushu Now Kyushu can't stand the trouble After staying here for a while I returned to Xiaoyao City again Gathered parents and others formulated follow-up plans as well as management measures for the future of Xiaoyao City I came back we also have a backbone do things a lot of neat everyone's face is jubilant sweeping away the haze of recent years That night when it was time to rest I looked at Zhou Qian and Tang Ling and couldn't help smiling The two women gave me a dirty look and left hand in hand which made me very embarrassed Make up a wedding give them a status all these years they have been waiting for you! Grandpa came over from one side patted me on the shoulder and said with a smile "With these two confidants you should be very happy!" I smiled and felt a little warmth in my heart

    Over the years they have suffered a lot As Grandpa said they have to make up for a wedding Do it before you go to Tianwaitian! This kind of thing naturally I don't have to worry about it After my parents knew about it they took it over directly and didn't let me intervene at all After a night's rest I went to the Happy Tavern in the city early the next morning I stayed here for a few years and that feeling has been deep in my heart

    After arriving here I found that Xiaoyao Tavern was a little bigger than before The business in the shop was good Several waiters were busy Lin Hao and his wife were calculating the accounts at the counter I found a corner to sit down drinking wine and looking mobile garbage bin at everything here the style did not change much Listening to the chat of the guests it was nothing more than what happened when I just came back Twenty-three people fled to death and many of the guests were excited Someone mentioned the wood carving and talked enviously about its magical power while someone couldn't help looking at Lin Hao and his wife at the counter Brother Lin I remember that there was also a wood carving that flew out of the backyard of your tavern and killed many visitors from outer space "Yes I almost forgot I saw the stars often play with a wood carving before It looks familiar!" It can't be true can it Rumor has it outside that your family is hidden and is a peerless master living in seclusion here! "Really Brother Lin you don't really have anything to do with the legendary Mencius Chen do you" …… The guests in the tavern were aroused and asked curiously With a helpless look on their faces Lin Hao and his wife glared angrily at those heckling guys They laughed and scolded and said "Don't talk nonsense We are just ordinary people We don't have any backstage and we don't know any Mencius Chen" You bastards drink quickly and don't talk too much! 。

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