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  • "Girl I haven't seen you for almost a year Why did you suddenly appear at Dengxianding" Look he still has the strength to talk Teacher now is not the time to speak They're in hot pursuit "What are you afraid of I'll take you to the path" With these words the teacher turned into the woods on the side of the mountain when he was in the triple heaven Girl what happened this year "It's a empty lotion tubes long story I'll talk to you when I'm out of danger" I followed my teacher around the dense forest Finally He hid in a hidden place and watched all the people in the Secret Palace pass by I breathed a long sigh of relief It's not safe here Go to Ghost Cry Valley Teacher Gong suggested

    But I don't have an antidote Although I am invulnerable to all kinds of poisons the teacher is not I don't want to be angry with the teacher in the poisonous fog forest But Shigong smirked and said "I do" It turned out that since we left Ghost Crying Valley Shigong had taken Ghost Crying Valley as his secret base where he often went to avoid the people of Tianji Palace and played hide-and-seek with them The teacher is just as naughty as before The sky is blue the grass is green and there is Yinchuan and the cave house hidden under Yinchuan 16K Computer station www. The moment I stepped in I threw myself on the newly born soft lawn of Ghost Cry Valley and completely melted into the silence Peace and harmony "Girl" "Ah" The sighing of the innocent teacher drifting in the gentle wind and my sadness flying into the distance together I closed my eyes Xiao Li I'm back Maybe it was the tension of fifteen days in a row or the tiredness of running away I lay on the lawn and fell into a deep sleep When I woke up the sunset had already set

    The innocent teacher's white eyebrows were tightly wrinkled together and he had always been as carefree as a child Girl you can tell me everything now "Hey" With a long sigh I spit out all the dreariness and siltation of the fifteen days before I began to narrate slowly Girl! Everything you say is true! After hearing this the innocent teacher was completely shocked He couldn't believe that Xuan Mingyu who was pure and good on the surface would do such a cruel thing Xuan Mingyu! I'm going to kill him! In a murderous manner the innocent teacher grabbed me and said "Girl don't be impulsive It's easy to go down the mountain but it's hard to go up the mountain again" After a moment's absence I fell into depression The innocent teacher is right There is no evidence now The head of the Feng family is dead again It can be said that there is no proof of death Who would believe what a woman who holds the sky in her hand and looks somewhat similar to the demon fox said Girl don't lose heart In fact Yunxiaozi has long been wary of Xuan Mingyu Suddenly Wuxie Shigong's voice became deep He has never been so serious as he is today Yunxiaozi "It's my disciple the boy who is now in charge of the Tianji Palace" The innocent teacher's eyebrows trembled proudly "He didn't like Xuan Mingyu pump tube and he doubted the fact that he killed the demon fox So as long as I go back and tell him the truth although there is no evidence to deal with Xuan Mingyu it can also make him unable to go down the mountain" "Teacher Gong you" "Hey hey that old boy felt uncomfortable when Xuan Mingyu took away Tianjue"

    And girl don't forget Xuan Mingyu knows I'm familiar with you and he doesn't dare to touch me so with me in Tianji Mountain Xuan Mingyu doesn't dare to make a mistake for a day The more the innocent teacher said the more proud he was However I still felt that Xuan Mingyu was cheap Now it's important to save Li Ge and his daughter About Xuan Mingyu I'd better listen to what Li Ge said later That's good You should be careful Shigong "Oh I'm bored to death How can I be like an old woman at such a young age It's not safe here You'd better leave quickly!" "Yes" The old man's smile has a kind of magic that makes me feel at ease Unconsciously I regard this old man as my real relative Oh! Come so soon Suddenly the teacher squinted and smiled I was confused but I saw that Shigong had turned to look at the entrance of the Valley of Ghost Crying "Girl I forgot to tell you that among those boys I like the crane child best so" "Hey hey" “……” With black lines all over his face the old man must have shared this place with King's Landing Crane

    The afterglow of the setting sun falls on the entrance of the Valley of Ghost Crying as if covering it with a pale golden gauze curtain and the streamer flows like water charming and intoxicating There was a fairy in white who came aluminium laminated tube from the golden mist For a moment the golden color dyed his clothes and brought out a touch of silver light which was the silver hairpin between his black hair However there was a heavy and murderous look on the face of the floating fairy which could not distinguish between male and female The little crane The innocent teacher jumped up to meet him but the other side pulled out the clear sword "Teacher how can you let the demon fox go" Sure enough after a year the wooden head of King's Landing Crane has not changed Hum I sneer "which eye do you see I was born in the year of fox" I don't have a fox tail!

    A stomach is stuffy and has no place to vent and is completely inspired by the sound of the demon fox King's Landing Crane The clear sword in the hand of King's Landing Crane shone with cold light and the bright face of the sword reflected my face while the sky in my hand also made an excited sound Suddenly a certain root in the brain has been revived and this day is not to attack Xiaoqing This is to see blood Small seal push finally ended whoosh Small Junjun once again grand debut as expected or to rely on the beautiful man to let small Shu that YY nerve resurrection ah Mobile phone CN/User/Messages ASPX Webmaster to = webmaster & title = WEB- "Eight Men" [Netizen Upload Chapter] (Episode 4 (If there is a mistake in the chapter please report it to us) Netizens upload the fourth chapter of Chapter 61 for Chu Yi who is obsessed with love In April the recommended ticket was 700 plus more and the seventh more was sent to see a lot of opinions good and bad and the little lianzi went to face the wall The result of facing the wall is to stop writing temporarily after finishing this book sort out your own shortcomings fill in the holes and learn ^ ^ When King's Landing Crane appeared Master Wuxie gave me only one word "Go" "Go" "That wood won't make sense for a while Don't miss saving Xiao Li" 。

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