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Human World [The Complete Works of the Second Volume] by Thomas Mildred
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  • Human World [The Complete Works of the Second Volume] Including Chapter 4 After Duanmuliang

    In the spacious and magnificent top conference room only four people attended the meeting today me General Manager Niu of the Asia-Pacific region my Chinese assistant Bai Zhanlong and my group headquarters assistant Stauffenberg They are absolutely loyal to my backbone although not comparable to the board of directors but in the group's secret decision-making but play a more critical role plastic laminated tube The meeting was conducted in English because of the presence of Stauffenberg Mr Niu first reported on the business situation in the Asia-Pacific region especially in China-Plan Z also known as ZHONGGUO Plan-the latest second global headquarters of Sky Group which will completely replace the New York headquarters in three years It has set up a global R & D center of Sky Group in Sichuan Province China and invested heavily in the development of green new energy to change the current situation of China's dependence on heavily polluted energy sources such as coal and oil which has been supported by the central decision-making level

    Owning the huge machine of Sky Group I have the responsibility to create more wealth for the motherland and strive for better living space for my compatriots-whether China can sustain its development depends on real creative value not rent-seeking activities combined with rights and capital However I was still not satisfied with the report After checking the details of the figures I said coldly Mr Niu I found that the R & D center's investment in technology is not enough Most of the core technology is directly moved from the United States which will become a handle for the United States to hold us back in the future I hope to develop new core technologies in China take the lead in registering patents in China and first apply them to China's green energy development which is the key to maintaining a balance between our second headquarters and New York otherwise we will always rely on the United States My tone was unusually stern just like an adult teaching a child a lesson I didn't give Niu Zong the elder any face

    The trusted followers at the meeting were all very polite Niu Zong also wiped the sweat on his forehead and was submissive "Yes!"! Chairman! It is the negligence of subordinates and subordinates will improve He is a "subordinate" so I am a "gang leader" Then a new report by Stauffenberg found that Sky's takeover of mining giant BHP Valley had been met with a fierce backlash from an ancient family BHP Valley the world's largest iron ore producer third largest copper producer second largest coal exporter and owner of Australia's 100% of the world's uranium reserves Every year iron ore negotiations give China's steel companies a splitting headache and become a major hidden danger to China's wealth security Under my personal instructions Sky Group has launched a plan to acquire Behe Valley However in the ownership structure of Bihe Valley there is an ancient family name which firmly opposes the acquisition of Sky Group slanders and attacks Sky Group through various relationships and launches fierce competition in the capital market which has caused us tens of billions of dollars in losses Stauffenberg sent corporate spies and through meticulous investigation there is definite evidence that the family's countless wealth has been stolen by Matrix through various conspiracies cosmetic tube which will put Sky Group under unprecedented pressure The name of this centuries-old giant is the Rothschild family the "sixth empire" that has made waves in recent history Rothschild comes from the German word "Rothschild" which means "red shield"

    The founder of the family is a Jewish Mayer Amschel Bauer who made his fortune in Frankfurt His five sons set up business in Frankfurt London Paris Vienna and Naples established an intelligence network across Europe and took advantage of Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo to become the largest creditor of the British government At the beginning of the 20th century the wealth of the Rothschild family accounted for half of the world at that time They actively supported the Zionist movement the infamous Balfour Declaration Opening the Pandora's box of Israel's extermination of Palestinians in the future is the British Foreign Office's letter to Nathaniel Meyer Published in the name of Lord Rothschild In the Second World War the Rothschild family on the European continent suffered a heavy blow by the way the Nazis destroyed the Jewish body The American consortium took the opportunity to annex a large number of family assets and the Rothschild family disappeared for a time

    However the huge wealth of the family even if only one tenth of it is left is still as rich as a country In 2004 the Rothschild family withdrew from the London gold pricing system and escaped the 2008 global financial turmoil Unlike the plastic laminted tube upstart American capitalism the Rothschild family is not visible the family bank refuses to go public and does not publish its annual report and financial situation How much wealth does it have Control how many businesses on the planet Only their Lord knows This is what Murong Yun called "the world that manipulates the world" After listening to Stauffenberg's report my face was gloomy and silent for a long time Niu Zong and Bai Zhanlong did not say a word

    If Matrix is a child then the Rothschild family is a giant Do we have the strength to fight with such a big guy The meeting room was so quiet that you could hear the heavy breathing of General Niu My "good brother" Murong Yun who first took control of the evergreen Blue Clothes Society then used Matrix to expand his unknown wealth and now the Rothschild family has become the richest man on the planet My mission is to defeat "the world that manipulates the world" But isn't the process and result of defeating them still hard to escape the law of "manipulating the world" This is a paradox and I am afraid it is also the tragedy of my life The waiter brought a bottle of red wine and poured it skillfully into the glass like thick blood dangling and refracting the candlelight Put down the wine glass is her face reflected in the red ambiguous light like a bride to be married to drop anyone would like to take her off a bite But she turned to look outside the glass wall to see the scenery that she had not seen for decades it was the lights all over the night countless steel jungles gathered around the most conspicuous is the new office building of Sky Group Duanmu Qiubo-even the profile of the face is still almost perfect outline from the ears to the snow-white bare neck and then to the collarbone hidden under the collar which makes people imagine the ups and downs

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