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The soul can only walk alone by Thomas Mildred
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  • However this kind of overlooking after all is still standing relatively low but relying on big profits and abandoning small profits still not out of the calculation of interests The man who is really tall should be able to stand on top of all the success in the world and look down on success itself Whether a person can make achievements recognized by society does not depend entirely on custom cosmetic packing talent but also on external factors such as environment and opportunities sometimes even decisive For this reason alone it is reasonable not to judge heroes by success or failure I have lived in a small county in a remote province for nearly ten years and if the environment had not changed I might have been "buried" there for life I ask myself if so am I much worse than I am now I don't believe it Of course I will not have the so-called achievements and fame now but as long as I am rich enough in spirit I will certainly reap my fruits in another way Success is a social concept and a person who is directly facing God and himself will not attach much importance to it What I mean is that success is not the highest standard to measure the value of life

    What is more important than success is that a person should have inner richness his true temperament and interests and what he really likes to do As long as you have something you really enjoy doing you will feel fulfilled and grounded in any situation Those who only pursue external success actually have nothing they really like to do What they really like is fame and wealth Once they are frustrated in Vanity Fair their inner emptiness will be custom cosmetic packaging exposed According to my understanding the true meaning of success is to do what you really like to do well try to do it perfectly and satisfy yourself so that the joy you feel is the pure joy of success without utilitarian considerations When a mother gives birth to a lovely little life and a poet writes a beautiful poem it is this pure joy that is felt Of course success in this sense has gone beyond the evaluation of society and the most precious value and the best enjoyment of life is precisely in such success 200011 A quiet place to seek a wise life Among modern philosophers Bertrand Russell is a surprisingly sound and balanced man

    He is the founder of logical empiricism but unlike other analytical philosophers he is not in the academic corner and lives a dull life He likes to meditate on the problems of life but unlike the philosophers of existence he does not fall into the abyss of despair and live a miserable life His life is enviable enough to say that it has everything first-class learning outstanding social activities and reputation polyfoil tube rich love experience and finally longevity The master of modern logic was chosen by fate to be the chief defender of the Western "sexual revolution" and he was conceived by his five lovers in the conservative courts of the British Empire Since the second half of the last century most of the great philosophers in the West have been filled with a tense sense of crisis which is a reflection of the crisis of the times Russell disliked such philosophers for example Nietzsche and Freud I can't help doubting the sincerity of a philosopher who can maintain his psychological balance in a sick age

    However Russell may be an exception Russell is not insensitive to the disease of the times He knows that the greatest disease of modern Westerners comes from the collapse of Christian faith which makes the life of death lose its foundation In the godless wasteland modern theologians mourn and call for the dead of God and existential philosophers curse and eulogize the absurdity of life But while Russell firmly declared that he did not believe in God he did not fall into morbid pessimism or excitement He believed that all the good things in life would not lose their value because of their temporary nature As for death he "thinks about it calmly and calmly from a persevering point of view without intentionally reducing its importance on the contrary he is proud of being able to surpass it" Russell greatly valued the value of love in life The love he talks about is not Platonic abstract love but love based on animal vitality and instinct especially sexual love However he advocates that love should be regulated by reason His belief is summed up in these words "a noble life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge" Love and knowledge instinct and reason are indispensable

    Sometimes he said that it is instinct to get along with those you love and reason to get along with those you hate Perhaps we can extend a sentence to treat joy by instinct to treat misfortune by reason On the issue of sex Russell is eye cream packaging tube one of the earliest thinkers advocating sexual freedom in the modern West but there are many misunderstandings about his views Although he advocates that marriage love and sex can be relatively separated his evaluation of the three is high or low In his view first love is superior to simple sexual behavior and sexual behavior without love is worthless; second "the life of a partner who has been tested for many years and has many deep feelings" is superior to temporary infatuation and love because it contains rich content that the latter does not have

    In theory we can assume that every normal member of the opposite sex is a possible object of sexual behavior but in fact there must be a choice In theory we can assume that every opposite sex we like is a possible object of love but in fact there must be abandonment Passionate and enduring lovers have countless precious shared memories that they are not willing to easily damage for new love adventures

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