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  • All the people were so frightened that they shivered and hurried to make way for Lao Hei Old Black almost instinctively returned to his stone house At this time Old Black suddenly wanted to have a friend to discuss with him Unfortunately he looked around and the stone house was empty This kind of desolate let the old black stay suddenly made up his mind "Spell!"! People die u。 Toward the sky! If you succeed you will rise in the world If you fail it's better than dying in this place! Laohei was lucky this time Leibo's task was not completed smoothly ghana seed extract and delayed a few more days has not come to Yutie Forest Farm Three days later Laohei collected the materials and sent them to Wuluo Wu Luo did not even say a word of thanks took something and closed the stone door with a thump Li Heng learned this time hiding in the doorway to look inside once the situation is not good immediately disappear! The old black sighed "You go somewhere else to live for a few days first"

    "Hm" Li Hengda was puzzled but did not dare to ask and left in wonder The old black smiled bitterly but he did not expect that one day he would be as worried about gains and losses as he is now He sent Li Heng away because he wanted to stay here Anyway even if I go back I can't sleep or eat well Zhan Yulong can't find Lao Hei When he was promoted to the eighth grade he was very successful Laohei gave him a fixed supply of resources every month If he had special needs he could go to Laohei to apply again This day to receive training resources generally this day Lao Hei will be specially in the room waiting for him but today Lao Hei is not!

    For the first time in three years Lao Hei didn't wait for him Zhan Yulong frowned vaguely felt something he went out to find a supervisor to ask then went straight to Wuluo's residence Chapter 378 Sanfu Tiangong (part two) fourth watch When Zhan Yulong saw turmeric extract powder Lao Hei's words he smiled and pointed out that in the huge copper lamp hanging in the center of the stone house the flames flew away with a bang All over the sky the flames split into countless flames and from the flames decomposed into a root of fire and then completely decomposed into a very small fire energy particles! Countless fire energy particles were evenly distributed in the stone house and the temperature in the house immediately rose a lot Old black a burst of surprise "physical and chemical microscopic!"! You have broken through to the realm of eight grades of immortals! Zhan Yulong smiled confidently In three years from a boy who had just risen and no one paid attention to him he had become an immortal of the eighth grade He had successively crossed the three levels of the ninth grade the middle of the ninth grade and the upper of the ninth One realm a year he was indeed qualified to be proud This speed put in the whole nine stars is also particularly amazing Or because of your support without those resources I could not have achieved such an achievement at all You're right

    In the fairy world genius is everywhere Without the support of huge resources everything is empty talk Zhan Yulong himself knows how much precious resources he has consumed in the past three years Although Laohei is the head of Yutie Forest Farm pumpkin seed extract he is imposing in Yutie Forest Farm but in the whole Lei's immortal clan he is now an insignificant corner those resources are deducted from the harvest of the forest farm Laohei bears a huge risk His feelings for Laohei were sincere although he knew what Laohei's purpose was Old black eyes sparkle with joy even said three "good" words overflowing with joy "How is that boy" Said Zhan Yulong silently "Is there only three days left for the time you agreed with him" The old black's face sank "Don't mention those things when you're happy" Zhan Yulong is also very cooperative not to say In fact there is no need to say more Wu Luo went back after the retreat and has not come out until now He also left all his work behind which is absolutely extremely indulgent for a new person But seeing that the time was coming Wu Luo did not move at all Wu Luo had vowed to Lao Hei that "it doesn't take three months at all"

    And at this time Zhan Yulong broke through to the realm of eight grades which can be said to be far ahead in the dark contest between the two! Ten days passed in the blink of an eye and when Lao Hei got up that morning his eyes were red not because he didn't sleep well but because he was extremely upset After all the laborers started work Lao Hei jumped directly from his high platform and went straight to Wuluo's stone house in a threatening manner Li Heng stood in the doorway and had nothing to say but Lao Hei still used him as a sandbag to jujube seed powder vent his anger and pushed him aside This time Li Heng flew out hundreds of feet with a whoosh! Old black kicked the stone door to pieces broke in and was about to kick open the door of Wuluo the stone door suddenly opened Wuluo stood inside his face a little tired Seeing Laohei Wuluo looked calm "It's just in time

    Here get this ready for me as soon as possible" A list was handed to Laohei but Laohei didn't even look at it His blood-red eyes were staring at Wuluo "Boy are you playing with me" Wu Luo looked at him shook his head and said "Why are you doing this" You're angry I'm afraid not because you really feel that you have misjudged the person but because you feel that you have lost face Laohei flew into a rage "Now that you know why do you still let me down" Wu Luo smiled "I thought you were a hero before but now it seems that you have been sinking for too long" "Shut up!" Laohei was furious "Don't follow me to use such inferior means!" Wuluo laughed and threw the list in front of him again "Whether it's inferior or not at least it works" Take it and have a look If you don't want to prepare after seeing it I won't say anything Lao Hei is still staring at it but he won't pick it up Wu Luo was a little impatient threw the list at him and closed the stone door with a bang I'm very busy The seven orifices of the old black gas smoke almost exhausted their greatest endurance only to restrain the impulse to kick Wuluo and the house to pieces The reason why he restrained himself was that Wuluo was so fearless that he must have something to rely on Laohei has been dormant for so many years On the surface he seems to be satisfied with the status quo but in fact he is not He is always thinking about making a comeback

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