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  • But at this time Kong Xiangsong as if he had not stood firm staggered directly and rushed toward Lan Keying Lan Keying hurriedly dodged sideways and Kong Xiangsong's fingers slanted past Lan Keying's shoulder At that moment Lan Keying only felt a pain in her scalp She stopped and glanced at Kong Xiangsong who had fallen to the ground and her eyes turned around the man's face And carnosic acid price then suddenly laughed Then no one thought Lan Keying actually crouched down and then lowered his voice Others only saw Lan Keying's lips move quickly but only Kong Xiangsong heard the woman's cold and cool voice "Kong Xiangsong since you want to play so much well I'll play with you But don't blame me for not reminding you No matter what way you play don't play with your own life in the end" When Kong Xiangsong heard this his eyes shrank directly and fiercely and he looked up at Lan Keying

    But the latter refused to look at him again directly carrying a lot of breakfast in his hand turned back to the white SUV and then directly started the car the white SUV walked away Kong Xiangsong looked down at the place where Lan Keying had just grabbed his hand and then looked at the three black hairs that were swinging gently with the wind between his fingers In the fundus of the eye is the muddy wave emptying Lan Keying I gave you a chance but you just refused to grasp it so Lan Keying don't blame me for being heartless No you should be heartless so I am unrighteous Lan Keying Since I can't get you then again I won't let you take advantage of others So Kong Xiangsong stood up quickly without even patting the dust on his trousers and hurried across the road to a black car Kong Xiangsong went directly to the co-driver's seat of the car opened the door and sat directly in In the driver's seat sat a young woman in a bright red glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate dress with gorgeous makeup and a pair of big black sunglasses on the bridge of her nose Seeing Kong Xiangsong sitting in he could not help but slightly hook a corner of his lips How about it Did you get it all Kong Xiangsong raised the three long hairs in his hand

    The woman hooked her lips with satisfaction Then pick up the sealed bag on one side Kong Xiangsong put the three long hair in then sealed it and handed it to the woman The woman took it then picked up another sealed bag opened it and looked at Kong Xiangsong At this time although Kong Xiangsong could not see the woman's eyes he could feel that under the sunglasses the woman's sharp eyes were staring at him Seeing that Kong Xiangsong did not move immediately the woman's bright red lips were slightly hooked and then slowly opened her mouth What's the matter Are you reluctant to give up Kong Xiangsong took a deep breath and the ups and downs of his chest were clearly visible The woman looked at Kong Xiangsong like this and could not help laughing out loud Ha ha akba boswellic acid Kong Xiangsong no wonder Lan Keying doesn't want you Look at your useless appearance now If I were Lan Keying I wouldn't want you either "What I said just now is nice Do you want to know how to say it if it's not nice" Kong Xiangsong did not speak but looked at the woman steadily The woman was in a good mood to complete her unfinished words

    What you look like now can only be described in one sentence that is dog meat is not on the table Kong Xiangsong "…" The woman was not angry and immediately put away the sealed bag in her hand Forget it I didn't expect that you Kong Xiangsong are still an affectionate person Since you are reluctant to part with it let it go But from today on don't tell me any more bullshit about retaliating against the dog men and women The woman looked at Kong Xiangsong and said word by word Because people like you are a lump of mud that can't hold up the wall! Kong Xiangsong was angry I'm not muddy How could Kong Xiangsong be mud This woman was stimulating him Yes this woman must have done it on purpose Yes yes yes she did it on purpose The woman is not angry the voice is gentle slowly slowly Be as happy as you like

    ” The meaning of this is simply too obvious it is simply to say you can be as tannic acid astringent happy as you like you think you are not anyway we like to think but it has nothing to do with you Kong Xiangsong raised his hand and took off a thin transparent thing from his hand Then without looking at it he handed it directly to the woman beside him Give The woman took it over and immediately took off her sunglasses then carefully unfolded the layer and then it was clear that there were five distinct fingerprints of different sizes on it

    The woman beamed at once Yes yes these fingerprints are very clear Kong Xiangsong looked at the woman his face full of joy and carefully put Lan Keying's fingerprints into a sealed bag Then he asked What the hell do you want to do with these things There was a smile in the woman's voice too Of course it's to help you Don't you want to get back at Lan Keying Kong Xiangsong's eyebrows jumped and then he immediately argued again I mean do you have a way to kill or disable Long Aotian Anyway he can't continue to be with Lan Keying any more so that Lan Keying can come back to me The woman doesn't care about the tunnel I know I know To put it bluntly you still can't forget Lan Keying But in terms of her current identity and background do you think you can really be with her even without Long Aotian Please grow your brains and think about your current identity gap The woman's words are very direct Your identity with her now can only be described as the difference between clouds and mud 。

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