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Mrs. Fu is fair and beautiful. by Webb Gregory
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  • The food had been cooked by Zhang Ma for a long time and was placed on the table with good color fragrance and taste Shen Tao took a look at his favorite braised short ribs and Fu Xinnian's favorite steamed crucian carp The uncles and uncles had already taken out good wine to entertain them When the family sat down Fu Xinnian's turtleneck sweater was quickly broken by his young nephew "Uncle why do you wear a turtleneck in such a hot day" As soon as he said this everyone's eyes all brushed together to look at Fu Xinnian's neck quickly moved saw palmetto extract away cousin's daughter-in-law carefully pushed the little nephew whispered reprimand "Don't talk nonsense" Little nephew immediately protested

    "I did not talk nonsense uncle's neck is a red mark as if it was scratched by something" As soon as this word came out everyone did not speak but the atmosphere at the dinner table was already slightly wrong Shen Tao's beautiful hands were peeling shrimps and when she heard this she gently moved the long nails on her hands because in everyone's eyes her hands were a pair of lethal weapons Fu Xinnian raised his eyes and looked at Shen Tao in his spare time as if to say that he had done a good thing to see how you ended up Fortunately Shen Tao took off his film gloves and approached Fu Xinnian shyly A beautiful head rested best green coffee bean extract on Fu Xinnian's shoulder He said shyly "It's me Last night we made trouble I" I accidentally scratched it 。” Then he lay intimately on Fu Xinnian's neck and blew "Does it hurt" "Oh oh oh" The Fu family laughed twice and immediately understood what it meant Little nephew is still reluctant to leave "little aunt why do you want to play with little uncle this is not very dangerous" Cousin daughter-in-law coquettish blush scold "adults talk children do not interrupt" Shen Tao deliberately glanced at Fu Xinnian and chuckled "It's not dangerous your little uncle" Like 。” Mrs Fu heard a hearty laugh "I'm relieved to see that your husband and wife have such a good relationship" Fu Xinnian pinched Shen Tao's delicate white fingers at the dinner table in front of everyone which was a pity Seeing that the time was ripe Mrs Fu said "Your mother-in-law told me about it when she came yesterday She asked if you two had a good relationship and if there was any movement" Shen Tao's mother-in-law is the second marriage counting up is Fu Xinnian's stepmother but raised from childhood to how many places out of the feelings Shen Tao understood what the old lady meant and said coquettishly "How can it be so fast"

    The old lady smiled "That's what I told her but ah it's time to have children after marriage" Shen Tao acts like a spoiled child "people still want to play for a few more years" "Play you play to your heart's content and your mother will help you take care of it when you are born so you don't let the young couple worry about it" Old Mrs Fu thought thoroughly and blocked Shen Tao's mouth Shen Tao had nothing to say He looked up at Fu Xinnian and wanted him to say a few words lutein eye complex As a result he said "Grandma said yes" "Ha ha well I'm just waiting to hold my great-grandson" Shen Tao At tea after dinner Shen Tao took out the gift of shopping with Han Li in the afternoon and showed it to everyone What he gave to Grandma was an authentic painting by a famous painter Knowing that Grandma had painted a good painting when she was young it was also to her liking Grandpa was given an accordion knowing that Grandpa usually likes to tinker with these things but also specially went to the bookstore to get two videos for him to follow Finally he gave Fu Xinnian a tie Shen Tao usually had a good eye for clothes The tie was silky in texture and exquisite in workmanship The color he chose also matched Fu Xinnian's temperament Shen Tao took it in his hand and compared it with Fu Xinnian's chest

    "Grandma you see" "Yes Xiaotao has a good eye" Cousin daughter-in-law immediately answered "sister-in-law is really a thousand good people also look very beautiful" Suddenly everyone praised Shen Tao to the sky with a rainbow fart Shen Tao smiled and laughed Suddenly the little nephew tilted his head and asked "Aunt is so beautiful why do people say she is ugly" Shen Tao "Who said that" The little nephew is innocent "On the Internet my mother said that she could curse people on the Internet"

    ” Cousin's daughter-in-law slapped her little head lightly "When did I say that" "Whoo you say that female stars on the Internet will be scolded" That's a female star How can your little aunt be scolded How can you talk "Whoo Mommy is hitting me" The little nephew ran to the old lady crying The whole family was amused by the little guy That night Shen Tao and Fu Xinnian stayed at the Fu family residence two people in a room Shen Tao or like at home after taking a bath out of a process to apply skin care products on his face Think of the old lady's fenugreek saponins words can not help but secretly look at Fu Xinnian the man wearing a loose robe leaning on the head of the bed holding a document in his hand is carefully reading there is no sign of wanting to do that This dog man is quite calm Shen Tao pretended not to know everything and went to bed Fu Xinnian was busy expanding overseas projects when he just got married He flew to Australia for two months on the wedding night and then flew to Paris less than two days after he came back

    It was more than half a month which was equivalent to three months of marriage The time they stayed together added up to less than ten days Shen Tao was lucky to escape several times before but tonight Mrs Fu put the heavy responsibility of giving birth to a child on her head and Shen Tao was somehow nervous tonight On the bed the whole person was lying flat the body was stiff and motionless glanced up at Fu Xinnian "don't you sleep" "You go to bed first and there are still some documents to read" Shen Tao made a gesture in his heart All right you pay attention to rest and don't look too late Shen Tao chuckled estimating that the dog man was not interested in her tonight thinking so sleepiness came and fell asleep The author has something to say Ask for a collection It looks good Please move your little hand to make a fortune Chapter VI Shen Tao went shopping with Han Li for a whole day this afternoon She was so tired that she was pressed on the bed in the middle of the night without knowing it She only vaguely remembered that her mouth seemed to have been kissed but she was too sleepy to open her eyes until a sharp pain hit her Shen Tao got up from the bed with a scream of "ah"

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