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The darling of the entertainment circle (entertainment circle) by Webb Gregory
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  • Screenwriter Lin I do! I don't want to be a star and I can't be a star with my EQ and IQ but I love acting so I will try my best to be a good actor! Director Sun looked at the girl on the opposite side and put on a "please rest assured" look He couldn't help laughing and said "Of course it's not that you can't go on any variety show or reality show You can go on with the publicity and there are advertising arrangements But this I will communicate with your agent later and he will be fully responsible for it!" "Broker" Said Qiu Meng in surprise gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract Mine Who is it Lin Ruifeng smiled and said "Well your exclusive agent is called Sui Tang" But you shouldn't see him for a while He should still be busy leaving his job right He looked at Sun Peiming doubtfully Sun Peiming nodded "Well!"! It shouldn't be long! Qiu Meng was curious about her agent and asked "Leave" Where was he before Is it because Director Sun asked him to leave "Before Xuanyuan Media he had some contradictions with his company so Director Sun just dug it up" Lin Ruifeng saw that Sun Peiming did not mean to answer so he gave Qiu Meng a solution "I'm not very old but I don't lack connections resources and abilities!"!

    It's a bit of a loss to bring a new person like you! Lin Ruifeng never forgets to attack Qiu Meng Qiu Meng was really unconvinced and said "He doesn't lose money!"! When I win the prize he has to point at me to become the gold broker in the gold medal! Lin Ruifeng was amused by her boastfulness He pointed at her and said to Director Sun "Do you believe she can win the movie queen" Director Sun nodded and ignored the two of them He took the contract from Lin Xin jujube seed powder and handed it to Qiu Meng "You agree with the arrangement I just said This is a contract Do you have any comments If you don't sign it you can do a notarization" Qiu Meng took the contract and looked at it carefully After reading a few pages she looked up and thought about it and said "Director Sun I finished shooting the play in the Wu Palace today" I want to ask for leave to go home for two days Can I go to Hangzhou directly Director Sun All right! Lin Xin will inform you when it's time to go to Hangzhou Qiu Meng added "Can I take this contract home for my parents to see" After all I have signed a studio and have a job which is a major event in my life! Director Sun was stupefied and suddenly laughed "OK!" Qiu Meng stood up and said shyly "Thank you Director Sun!"!

    Then I'll go back first Sun Peiming nodded and Qiu Meng turned to leave Seeing Qiu Meng leave Lin Ruifeng said with a smile "The little girl is really good She looks simple but in fact she is smart!"! What things should be careful what things do not care the heart is clear! Self-protection awareness is not weak! Sun Peiming added some water to him and said "Well ghana seed extract the most rare thing for her is her pure heart!"! Besides the parents at home are intellectuals where can really teach a silly child! That's all right you can save your mind! Qiumeng jumped back to her room with the contract thinking that she could go home tomorrow She was in such a good mood that she climbed into bed and fell into a sweet dream after washing n times faster than before The next day Qiumeng packed her luggage dragged her suitcase and said goodbye to the crew temporarily and then sat on the high-speed railway back to Mordor! Qiu's father and mother who received the notice of their daughter's return home were waiting for their little daughter who had been away for half a month at the Mordor High-speed Railway Station Mom and Dad I miss you so much Qiu Meng came out of the station and saw her parents at a glance She ran over with her luggage Qiu Baoxi hurriedly caught the daughter who rushed over Ma Ai took the box dragged by her daughter's mobile phone and blamed her "Run so fast what if I fall down!"!

    Why is your voice hoarse Qiu Meng quickly lowered his head and said "I caught a cold It's all right I've already taken the medicine" Qiu Baoxi also asked "How long have you been taking the medicine" What kind of medicine Let me have a look ” Qiu Meng opened her eyes wide ah! How can you forget that your father is not only a professor but also a doctor! Qiu Meng still lowered her head took the box from her mother's hand and pulled it forward "It's all right!"! Go home! Go home!

    I'm so tired! Ma Ai looked at her daughter with her head down and walked fast all the way She pulled Qiu Baoxi to follow her Qiu Baoxi took the box and looked at her daughter who was not behaving normally She opened her mouth and said "Mengmeng there is someone in front of you You walk with your lutein and zeaxanthin supplements head up!" Qiu Meng quickly looked up and Ma Ai immediately exclaimed "Nannan what's wrong with your neck" Qiu Meng quickly covered her neck with her hand and said "It's nothing!" Ma Ai anxiously pulled away her daughter's hand and pointed to the large black purple and said to Qiu Baoxi "Husband look at Mengmeng's neck!"

    Qiu Baoxi also found two bruises on both sides of her daughter's neck and a small scratch that had scabbed in front of her! He lowered his face and asked "Mengmeng how did you get this" Who did it Qiu Meng could not hide from her parents She lowered her head and rubbed her toes on the ground She said in a small voice "The day before yesterday there was a scene in which she was strangled by Bai Ling It was left over when she was filming" Looked at the parents worried appearance hastened to say "It's all right my skin is thin so it is easy to leave traces after two days!"! Mom and Dad don't worry! As he spoke he hugged Maai's arm and rubbed it against her shoulder Ma Ai raised her daughter's head with heartache touched the blue and purple and said angrily "You can't take filming so seriously!"! How hard it takes! Qiu Meng continued to act like a spoiled child to Ma Ai when she heard her father say "Go to the hospital!" Qiumeng was taken to the hospital by her parents who loved her daughter She did a series of examinations and prescribed a pile of medicine Sitting in the car Qiumeng held a pile of medicine and protested to her parents in a hoarse voice "It's all right" "Don't talk Nannan The doctor said to rest your voice!" Ma Ai immediately interrupted her daughter and recited the doctor's advice Qiu Meng looked up at the roof of the car shut up helplessly sat in the back seat and looked at the scenery outside the window and fell asleep unconsciously

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