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  • At that time the security measures in the courtyard of the county committee were not tight In fact ordinary people could walk to the office of the secretary and county magistrate at any time but no one would go to the courtyard of the county committee to wander around Ah hello I'm looking for Liu Jia "secretary" This is the first time these two have met What's your name please What's the matter with Secretary Liu Zhang Xiaoman asked with a hint of vigilance between his eyebrows Gein Liu Jun is an unmarried man Long Yanli is also very naringenin price good Zhang Xiaomanya doesn't want Liu Jun to spread any rumors My name is Long Yanli I am a classmate of Secretary Liu Well "Secretary Liu invited me" Long Yanli is generous not because the other party is a staff member of the county committee Zhang Xiaoman was startled and couldn't help looking at Long Yanli again "She's really a beauty" he said to himself No wonder someone wants to "report" Yi Han However Zhang Xiaoman has been the secretary of the county Party committee for more than half a year Already experienced will not be surprised to show on the face

    Oh hello so you are teacher Long Secretary Liu may be in a meeting Or You can sit in the reception room for a while When Secretary Liu finishes the meeting I will inform you immediately "Do you know me" Long Yanli was a little surprised Zhang Xiaoman nodded and said "I am Yi Han's lover" "Ah so you are Section Chief Zhang President Yi's lover Nice to meet you!" Long Yan shook hands with Zhang Xiaoman with a bright smile The woman in front of him though not as beautiful as herself was the secretary of the county party secretary He is turmeric extract powder also a prominent figure in Ningbei County Long Yanli is keen on power and has some envy for Zhang Xiaoman Although it is believed that there will be no relationship between Yi Han and her it is difficult for Zhang Xiaoman to be close to Long Yanli

    At that moment Zhang Xiaoman just gave her a hand and brought up the old story again asking Long Yanli to wait in the reception room Long Yanli had no choice but to go to the reception room where she was bored reading newspapers and waiting for more than an hour When it was almost time to get off work Zhang Xiaoman called and said that Secretary Liu had invited him Long Yanli dropped the newspaper with a little "hate" shaking her soft waist and plump and sexy buttocks and walked leisurely to Liu Jun's office It attracted the eager eyes of many men Ryu Hello secretary! Arriving at Liu Jun's office Long Yanli called out delicately "Guang is mixed with a trace of" complaint "" Gorgeous Coming "Chao/Kuai Liu Jun stood up and greeted her with a smile" I've been here for more than an hour and I said you were in Kaiyu Long Yanli pretended to be dissatisfied Pouted his lips It's really a meeting Sorry to keep you waiting Liu Jun is very polite Please sit down and drink tea! Liu Jun poured the tea for her personally Long Yanli said with a charming smile stesweet stevia "Please pour the tea yourself but you can't afford it" You are now the leader of the county committee Liu Jun smiled faintly and said "You have worked hard in Qilingchong

    As a teacher and businessman I should pay tribute to you" Long Yanli saw that he spoke solemnly but she was a little nervous Liu Jun is polite but the attitude of the superior is obvious Long Yanli unconsciously had a sense of awe and did not dare to pout at random and her sitting posture was more correct I'm too busy to go to Qilingchong to see you these days Are you all right Liu Jun always had a smile on his face Uh Not that bad Long Yanli was going to say "It's not the same" The words came to her lips and she swallowed them back In front of Liu Jun She's feeling more and more pressure The conditions of Qilingchong are rather difficult Yi Han told me about your situation in Meishan Primary School and the response was good Yi Hanhe County Education Committee recommended you for the selection of excellent teachers in this teaching activity Liu Jun said casually The gorgeous heart of the dragon "pounded" to beat faster She is a very smart woman know what Liu Jun said is this recommendation There will certainly be no problem in Ningbei County A total of five hundred and six college students who participated in the teaching activities competed for 205 indicators and the chance of "winning the prize" reached 40% If they could really compete fairly Long Yanli still had a great chance of winning I'm afraid that it will be cheaper for those backstage connections And those honest people who have no power and only know how to bury themselves in teaching But draw water with a bamboo basket in vain

    But in terms of face these 205 indicators must be allocated to those advanced individuals with outstanding performance That is to say the most likely link is the selection of this advanced individual Now Liu Jun is the deputy secretary of the Ningbei County Party Committee and the county is sure to pass this pass As long as the advanced individual is evaluated she will be one of the indicators!

    As for which unit to assign it is the last word and then we will think of a way The key lies in Liu Jun's attitude However with Long Yanli's "shrewdness" she can also imagine that Liu Jun either does not intervene once he intervenes he will take care of it to the end The single index directly under pumpkin seed extract the Central Committee of the League dare not say that there is still a great chance to stay in Daning City Thank you Liu Jun! Long Yanli couldn't help straightening her "luxurious" chest This has almost become a special action for beautiful girls always intentionally or unintentionally showing their best side in front of people Thank you for what The main thing is your own efforts Liu Jun smiled Long Yanli who was different smiled This young "old" classmate is becoming more and more "leading" in his speech Liu Jun looked at his watch and said "It's noon Let's go and have a meal together" I also made an appointment with Yi Han and Zhang Xiaoman Oh yes and Secretary Bai "Secretary Bai" Long Yanli was startled That's the leader of Ningbei County! Liu Jun nodded

    At that moment several people drove to the Meidu Hotel Booked a box Because there are poplars Everyone seemed a little stiff No matter how kind the poplar is the aura on her body is too dazzling after all Liu Jun specially invited Long Yanli to eat in the county town the main purpose is to completely eliminate the knot in Zhang Xiaoman's heart so as not to leave a shadow in Zhang Xiaoman's heart because of this inexplicable "report"

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