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Dragon swimming at the bottom of the sword by James E. Aldridge
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  • Huang Xiaolong knew that Xuemei was sneaking to see himself and that calling her was Yao Guang the leader of the gang Xuemei could match Yao Guang and wanted to be a very happy couple Now for him Xuemei would hide Yao Guang and steal medicine to save herself Once the leader of the Qingfeng Gang knew about it what kind of situation would it cause Xuemei and Yao Guang were deeply in love As a result Yao Guang held a grudge against her and my feelings broke down My sins became more and more serious and I could never wash them away Xiaolong didn't dare to think about it but he couldn't help thinking about it He was in a daze and he fake ficus tree couldn't think about it clearly Suddenly another warm soft hand gently pressed on his forehead the dragon felt exactly the same as just now he only said that Xuemei sister went and returned then gently called out "Sister" Why are you back again ” Suddenly Huang Xiaolong felt a chill on his face Stunned he suddenly opened his eyes A blurred shadow was blocking his dim vision However Huang Xiaolong's weak body could also feel that someone had bent over his chest The surprise was no small matter but he was unable to resist

    He was so anxious that he could not even speak He thought to himself Sister Xuemei what's going on Just thought of this Huang Xiaolong eyes have been able to see clearly in the dark also at this time the man straightened up the figure into the eye Huang Xiaolong heart more surprised ah! What a beautiful girl in a green shirt! Big eyes Thin eyebrows vertical bridge of the nose with a small mouth the corners of the mouth do not move with a smile if a smile is guaranteed to be full of spring This impression This impression In Huang Xiaolong's mind how profound he was thinking of her deeply all the time finally he was injured slightly mentioned the True Qi called out "Jin Yan!"! I miss you so much! I …… I finally met you Unthink! When he called Instead he called the man out of sight Suddenly the door opened and a figure flashed in shouting "Who are you talking to" But when he saw no one in the room he couldn't help snorting "What are you screaming in the middle of the night I'll skin you 。” However he called a few words did not see Huang Xiaolong agreed could not help bluffing before the line raised his palm to split if he split this palm I believe that the palm has not been next to Huang Xiaolong the man has already died to the afterlife fortunately he saw that Huang Xiaolin had already fainted in the past artificial banyan trees had to hate "Pooh" secretly called bad luck went out on his own As soon as the door was closed a figure in Tsing Yi floated down from the roof beam It was as light as a fallen leaf and its feet did not touch the dust The figure of the man in Tsing Yi was just steady

    He immediately put the pills he had prepared in his hand into Huang Xiaolong's mouth He bent over and prepared to take the breath for Xiaolong with his mouth However just as the mouth was about to be matched the man in Tse Yi seemed to hesitate for a moment and finally his mouth was matched very There was always a cup of hot tea and Huang Xiaolong began to wake up from faux ficus tree the leisurely He immediately felt that the Dantian was boiling hot like fire There were two hot things on his mouth which were fragrant Before Huang Xiaolong knew what they were he suddenly felt a warm current which went down through his throat and went straight to the Dantian He joined the heat and rushed hard Huang Xiaolong himself could not exert his strength at all but the warm current mixed with Dantian True Qi could not sprint for a while Huang Xiaolong wanted to find out the source of the warm current As soon as he stretched out his tongue he also met a fleshy tongue that looked like his own tongue Immediately he realized what was going on! Surprise and joy in my heart Scared and happy As soon as Huang Xiaolong moved slightly the man in Tsing Yi suddenly looked up and suddenly got up Huang Xiaolong was so surprised that he almost cried out again It was the man in Tsing Yi who was flexible Suddenly he reached out and pressed Xiaolong's lips so that he could not cry out Huang Xiaolong was afraid that she suddenly left without saying goodbye Since she had no intention of leaving Xiaolong was not in a hurry He spent all his strength before he raised his right hand trembled pressed it on his mouth and put it on the back of the jade palm of the Tsing Yi man He stroked it gently His eyes were staring at the Tsing Yi man but at the moment they were blinded by tears and even the shadow of the Tse Yi man could not be seen at all

    The man in Tsing Yi here is really Huang Xiaolong's exclamation Is that Miao girl Jin Yan True Yes she is Miss Jin Yan Miss Jinyan had been in a coma ever since she and Xiaolong set fire to the nunnery and were wounded by the power of Yin Claw When she woke up from her coma she didn't know how many days had passed When she opened her eyes she saw a middle-aged nun sitting beside her Her heart jumped and she thought to herself Why is large ficus tree Brother Long in the nunnery Look around There was no sign of Brother Long However when I was looking for Brother Long I found that it was not in a nunnery but in a stone chamber that had been trimmed to the dust All around the stone room it was as white as jade In the center of the room hung a shining silver pearl which made the stone room shine Jin Yan was surprised She looked back at the nun beside her and saw her smiling face Her face was full of kindness and there was no evil state She was very confused and wanted to turn over and climb up

    The middle-aged nun suddenly stretched out her hand and gently pressed it on Jin Yan's chest She said "Little girl don't move for the time being Because you have been poisoned too deeply and delayed the time of treatment you are too weak to recover immediately It will take a month for you to recover You can rest at ease" Jin Yan saw that the nun stretched out her hand but her hand did not touch her chest There was already a strong pressure on her body not strong or hard but Jin Yan could not even move At this time Jin Yan was no longer comparable to that of the Miao people years ago She not only knew what martial arts were but also could distinguish the strength of martial arts

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