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  • "I" The tea dust starts low Meng Haoran turned his head and looked at her Staring at him the tea immediately became speechless Today he is different from the impression but where is different she can not say A little scary a little more It is expected But she shouldn't have expectations Such a man such an idea is unrealistic Fairy tales It wouldn't happen to a woman like her Do you think I'm crazy too Meng Haoran asked Ah Tea is stupefied do not know how to answer Of course she thought he might be crazy like those people but How could Dean Meng go crazy Do you think what I said That is to say if you want to marry you it's all false Planetary Gear Motor Meng Haoran asked again Tea is still silent but her silence has explained her thoughts Meng Haoran laughed at himself when he clenched his fist and beat the steering wheel Don't say it's you I don't even believe it myself See that's exactly what happened The tea bit his lip and lowered his head But Meng Haoran spoke again The tea dust raised its head But it's all true I'm serious I'm only going to say it once You have to remember that He looked at her with a twinkle in his eye The tea powder opened its mouth slightly and froze for a few seconds

    What?did?you?say Meng Haoran frowned and glared at her I'll only say it once! The tea leaves blinked Why "There is no reason" I What's good about me I I don't deserve you I I Of course you are not good But so what Don't I know how bad you are You ***ed my brother you ***ed my brother's friend you ***ed my brother's friend's brother-in-law what else don't I know I don't need you to tell me how bad you are how you don't deserve me I know everything you can tell me and I know far more than you can tell me So you shut up and I don't want to hear any more about how bad you are Meng Haoran suddenly lost his temper Tea immediately shut up and looked straight at him He closed his eyes and exhaled then slowly opened them I'm not marrying you because you suck I know what I'm doing I'm an adult and I can take responsibility for my actions The tea dust bit his lip and dared not speak Will you marry me Tea dust would you like to Marry me and I will love you protect you take care of you and be faithful to you I can let bygones be bygones but in the same way if you marry me you must love me and be faithful to me OK He looked at her and asked clearly word by word The tea dust began to tremble uncontrollably This guy is serious 12v High Torque Motor He's actually serious She trembled not with fear but with excitement and even with a little joy and pride My God it turns out that she is also loved by someone and such an excellent man loves her

    It turns out that there are still men in this world who can ignore her messy relationship and really want to marry her This feeling is so healing the depression of the past few years has been swept away and I am very proud and elated But after the excitement the reality is still cruel President Meng is a good man Maybe he did do something wrong to her before but he is not a saint Let the past be the past Because he is a good man she does not hate him so she will not harm him Yes she is a terrible woman but she is not a pest She took a deep breath and composed herself thinking of her poor constitution I'm sorry She said I'm sorry Meng Haoran stared What do you mean I'm sorry "Sorry is sorry you are a good man but I'm sorry I can't marry you" Tea said slowly Meng Haoran froze shocked He never thought that a diamond bachelor like himself would one day be given a good man card by a woman like Cha Mo He's not overconfident and thinks he's attractive but he also knows his weight Are you crazy The tea leaves winked Well it was her turn to be crazy Meng Haoran burst out laughing and reached for his forehead After wiping his face he put down his hand and turned to look at the tea powder and said faintly

    "Ha! I was crazy to propose to you and then you were crazy to refuse my proposal We're both crazy Doesn't that just mean we're made for each other" The tea grinned a little sheepishly It makes sense "Why" Give me a reason Meng Haoran himself could not believe that 24v Gear Motor he had not lost his temper In the face of tea dust he has been powerless to the extreme No matter what answer this woman gives him she won't be too surprised Anyway it was incredible enough to fall into her hands so now all these incredible things are actually quite normal In a word abnormality is the normality of tea dust and normality is the abnormality of tea dust Tea did not know how to say she was silent thinking hesitating Meng Haoran waited with a good temper and her silence and hesitation just showed that she was seriously thinking about how to answer herself Finally the tea powder clenched his fist and looked up at him seriously Would you believe me if I said I didn't marry you because I didn't want to hurt you Meng Haoran frowned Are you worried that they will be against me Not because of them but because of me

    It's me The tea dust stretched out its hand and pointed at itself You You sleepwalk Killing people in the middle of the night Meng Haoran smiled and told a dry joke But apparently the tea was not amused and she shook her head If you stay with me for a long time you will be sick She said earnestly Meng Haoran was silent What?did?you?say What do you mean You marry me we live together and I get sick The tea leaves nodded Meng Haoran rolled his eyes and laughed

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