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  • What do they say? Think before you Tweet?Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer -- like Jacoby Ellsbury Jersey a lot of the country -- fired off a tweet Wednesday about how the South was handling (or not handling) the snow well.LOSTLETTERMEN: "2 inches of snow, city and airport shutdown ATL #softnosed"Needle s to say, his remark wasn't taken too kindly from southerners.We'd show you some of the comments, but his tweet was Matt Holliday Jersey deleted.Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples captured it and you can see some of the responses to Shafer's remarks here.Fixed. Softnosed southerners from FSU, Clemson and Georgia Tech beat Syracuse by a combined 164-17 in 2013. Andy Staples (@Andy_Staples) Sure, Shafer - Aroldis Chapman Jersey - who's been at Syracuse the past five seasons (just 2013 as head coach) -- has seen his area handle Giancarlo Stanton Jersey snow much better. But that's nothing new. Considering that Syracuse is in the ACC and in order to compete, the Orange will have to dip into the "softnosed" South for players, Shafer should pick his words more carefully in the future.Syracuse was 7-6 overall last season and 4 Sonny Gray Jersey -4 in the ACC, including a 56-0 pasting at the hands of Georgia Tech ... in Atlanta.

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