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  • Each week, Sporting News college football writer Matt Hayes answers questions for his Mail Bonding column: Nolan Ryan Jersey Q: The is again becoming a po sibility. I dont get it, what are the negatives? Jamie, MiamiHAYES: There are zero negatives. Unle s, of course, youre a coach whose strength is getting elite players to flip late in the proce s.MORE: || The recruiting cycle wont change much, and players Travis D'Arnaud Jersey will still take official visits before and during the season. If you think an 18-year-old is going to feel more pre sure within the proce s because he has the option to sign early, youre not seeing big picture.Its already the decision of a lifetime for most high school players; giving them an early out relieves some of that pre sure. Forget about the idea that coaches will force some Yoenis Cespedes Jersey players to sign early or be left out.Do you really want to play for a coach like that, anyway? If a coach wants a player bad enough, hell wait until the late signing period to get him.The only reason it hasnt changed already: Pedro Martinez Jersey too many influential, power conference coaches dont want it to change. They want the ability to flip players late in the proce s if they dont get their initial targets.Those same coaches will tell you that they recruit players for two years, and at the 11th hour, players change their mind and choose some other school leaving the original school the player committed to scrambling to replace the spot in the recruiting cla s.At the very least, an early signing period will relieve some of that nonsense.MORE MAIL Devin Mesoraco Jersey BONDING: | | Send your questions to Matt at or to

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