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  • The Top 25 teams in the Harris Interactive College Football Poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records through Nov. 24, total points based on 25 points for a first-place vote through one Magic Johnson Jersey point for a 25th-place vote and previous ranking:MORE: | | | Harris Interactive College Football PollRank. TeamRecordPointsPrevious1. Alabama (99)11-02,59512. Florida State (5)11-02,49423. Ohio Jordan Clarkson Jersey State11-02,38934. Clemson10-12,14865. Auburn10-12,13976. Mi souri10 Larry Nance Jr. Jersey -12,10987. Oklahoma State10-12,01398. Stanford9-21,759119. Baylor9-11,679410. South Carolina9-21,6201211. Michigan State10-11,5951312. Oregon9-21,284513. Fresno State10-01,2061414. LSU8-31,1551715. Wisconsin9-21,0351916. Arizona State9-29762217. Byron Scott Jersey Northern Illinois11-09361818. Louisville10-19301619. Oklahoma9-28562120. Central Florida9-18552021. Texas A&M8-36981022. UCLA8-33911523. USC9-33852324. Duke9-22982425. Notre Dame8-355NROther teams receiving votes: Cincinnati 47; Georgia 37; Minnesota 21; Nebraska 16; Miami (Fla. Jamaal Wilkes Jersey ) 15; Mi si sippi 15; Texas 15; East Carolina 14; Arizona 13; Louisiana-Lafayette 4; Washington 2; Michigan 1.

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