• The upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, WoW WOTLK Classic, includes several different kinds of currency that players will have to earn and spend to  WOW WoTLK Classic Gold purchase upgrades and cosmetics. Another of the initial areas players explore during the main story in WoW WOTLK Classic is The Maw. This is the place where souls deemed too terrible to join the ranks of a Covenant are sent after dying to endure eternal suffering. It is a land of hopelessness , which is ruled by an entity called the Jailer, who is poised to become the ultimate chief of expansion.

    When players travel through The Maw and battle enemies or complete quests they will be rewarded with the currency Stygia which may be used purchase valuable upgrades and buffs. You must be cautious, however, as every move will attract the attention of the Jailer. It is being recorded by a gauge called Eye of the Jailer. The Jailer will scold the victim slowly, and gradually increase the intensity of the attack depending on how high the Eye of the Jailer meter goes. Moreover, too much focus will result in an early death.

    Stygia amount of rewards can differ from quest to quest. Players can use Stygia to make purchases from Ve'nari. She is a mysterious merchant who is on The Maw. If the player is caught and executed with the help of the Jailer they'll forfeit a portion of their Stygia. It is possible to recover it by re-visiting the site that they were killed on the relapse, although this can be dangerous. If the player dies a second time, the portion of Stygia is gone forever. It's essential for players to collect Stygia in order to buy improvements and buffs to aid them during the final stage of the expansion. Here's how you can obtain Stygia through The Maw and avoid the Jailer in World of Warcraft: WoW WOTLK Classic.

    There are various ways players can gain Stygia in WoW WOTLK Classic. Most commonly, it is earned by taking down enemies. The players are able to are able to earn at most one Stygia for each normal and regular elite enemy they kill in The Maze. It is a tedious method of Stygia farming , and it could be frustrating.

    Every rare monster a player defeats during The Maw, by contrast, can drop 45 Stygia. Killing rares is a quicker and more efficient way of earning Stygia However, it can increase one's Eye of the Jailer level more quickly. Of course, there are a few levels, as well as major and minor rares will offer more Stygia but with less impact on the WoTLK Gold   Eye of the Jailer than uncommon rares from events will.

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